Idiots on Parade.

Hello!  Yesterday, while enjoying our 13th. Wedding Anniversary, THE Wife and I watched our local NFL Team, the Cleveland Browns, do what they do best, which is to Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory.  But I’m not going to talk about Football directly.  What I want to talk about is those STOOOOOPID Treehuggers marching through the streets of Manhattan to “Protest The Damage Being Done to Mother Earth By The Evil Corporate Bastards Running the United States!”

Now, supposedly 300,000+ People decided to get into Gasoline/Diesel/Jet Fuel powered Vehicles and converge on NYC for their “Event.”  And some of you have seen the Pictures.  Now, IF THE ATTENDANCE STATS ARE CORRECT (remember Sharpton’s “Million Man March?), that’s an Awful Lot of Carbon Footprint being Generated in one Town.  I mean, you have to add in all the extra Meals, Police and EMS Vehicles, Electricity being generated to power those Apps and Selfies and Tweets to each other, etc.

And you know that they probably left a Trail of Garbage behind them that could top off a Land-Fill.  Though my personal Favorite Shot was the one of some Fool holding up a Sign saying “Oil is Filthy!”

Counter-Point One.  Uh, Idiot, how many Vehicles that are powered by some sort of Fuel derived from Oil did you use to get to NYC?  How much Food did you consume that was Trucked into NYC using “Filthy Oil?”  How much Oil that was converted into Plastic did you use to take your Selfies, not counting the Transportation, Production and MINING of Rare Earths for your Smartphone?  And would you be SCREAMING for Help if you were Injured during your “Protest,” knowing that “Filthy Oil” was used in the Medical Industry to keep YOU alive?  You know, things like Syringes, I.V. Bags, Oxygen Tubing, etc?  Or would you reuse that help because items that would keep you alive are made from “Filthy Oil?”  IDIOT.

Counter-Point Two:  My Friends, all this came about because there’s going to be a BIG U.N. MEETING about “Climate Change”(The Artist Formally Known as Global Warming) on Tuesday in NYC, and Tons of World Leaders and Scientist and Activists are Gathering to try to get another Treaty going to PUNISH Western Societies for DARING to Harm Mother Earth!  And guess who was showing “Solidarity” by walking with the Protesters?  Why, no other than the U.N. Secretary General, Ban-Ki Moon!

Uh, Hello!  McFly!  The U.N. Secretary-General’s Number One Priority is to worry about “Climate Change?”  Mr. Moon, with all due respect, let me throw some words at you that you MIGHT want to have a “Higher Priority” than “Climate Change.”  EBOLA. UKRAINE. ISIS. BOKO HAREEM. SOMALIA.  YEMEN.  SYRIA.  IDIOT.

And the U.S. Taxpayer picks up 30+% of the U.N.’s Bills.

Oh. Mr. Moon?  Did you see Today’s News about “Climate Change?”  Turns out that the Top Three “Generators” of “GreenHouse Gases”  CHINA, INDIA and the U.S. actually INCREASED their “Carbon Footprint” over the last year?  But CHINA pretty much emitted TWICE as much as the U.S. and India COMBINED?  Sounds to me that some sort of CAPITALISM is causing more Goods and Services to be Produced over there, so that they can be used in the U.S. and Western Europe.  SHOCKING!

So what are you going to do if CHINA decides to NOT go along with a “Climate Change” Treaty?  Take them to the U.N. Security Council?  What’s that?  CHINA has VETO Power at the Security Council?  Nevermind.  And if India choses NOT to Comply?  Nevermind.

Thank God you KNOW that the Obama Administration is “On Board” with you.  I’m SURE that Anointed One is more than willing to go with your Program, and if he has to Ignore the Constitution and the Legislative and Judicial Branches of the Republic, well, that hasn’t stopped him before, has it?  So feel comfortable that “The TreeHuggers” will at least be able to Advance their Agenda of reducing the United States to the Minor Leagues of World Power. After all, if 300,000 people hit the streets of New Delhi, India, it’s called “Lunch Hour.”  And 300,000 Protesters in Beijing, China? HAHAHAHAHA!  Right, pull the other one, it’s got Bells on it.

But thank Marx that there’s a “Progressive Administration” Occupying the White House, and “Climate Change” fits right in with Obama’s “Fundamental Transformation.”

But in spite of all the Crowing by the MSM and The Treehuggers, there’s a little Stat that they haven’t Figured in.

You see, there is something called “Football” that takes place most Weekends in the Fall in the United States.  And this weekend, in Stadiums all across the Land, several MILLION people “Marched Out” to “Protest” the “Enemy” in Towns across the Republic.  YOU know the “Enemy.”  The OTHER High School Team.  The OTHER College Team.  The OTHER NFL Team.

So, in Conclusion, a Note to all those Treehuggers out there.  When YOU can get the Stadiums emptied, and ALL the Fans Show up to join you in Protest, THEN you should be “Patting Yourself on the Back.”  But until then, you’re just a pack of Idiots on Parade.

And if I had a Government that wasn’t worried about how many Votes you could bring to Elections (remember, it takes 50% + ONE to win an Election, just ask Algore),  then you would be reduced to a handle full of Nutjobs who couldn’t afford a Gallon of “Filthy Oil Fuel” to take you to your Organic Vegan Market.

Which, IMHO, you should be reduced to.  Oh, and an FYI?  Did you all know that there are more Valid CHP Holders in Ohio and Indiana that ALL the Treehuggers in Manhattan?  And we use our “Filthy Oil” the way it was meant to be used.

Driving us to the Range so we can practice with our Plastic-Stocked ARs and Plastic-Framed Glocks, Smiths, Rugers, Taurus’s, Sigs, etc.  Heck, we even put Plastic in our Bullet Tips.  Just ask Hornady.  Bubblehead Les Out.


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