Something to Ponder…

Arrgh!  Ahoy, Mateys!  Yes, it’s “Talk like a Pirate Day.”  Now to move on.

So, checking the News Apps again, and I see a Poll that says 25% of Americans are willing to SECEDE from the Union.  Uh, what?  Going farther into the article, someone decided to see how the “Average American” feels about the Country, and discovered that about 25% are willing to chuck the whole thing and start over.  Now, some details that came out of the Article I read were that it was more Republicans than Democrats, and it was more Midwest/Western/Southerns who were willing to throw in the towel, but there were a healthy amount of Democrats who joined in.

Now what is the Issue?  Taxes? Slavery? Women’s Rights?  The Environment? Nope, none of the above.

It’s the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.  Think about it.  25% of your Adult Fellow Citizens are so Disgusted with Washington, D.C. that they are willing to form another Country!

Note to the Political Elite inside the Beltway:  25% of Your Eligible Voters HATE YOU!  They want you gone, or failing that, they want to live where YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER THEM!

Now, the Poll also says that about 54% DON’T want to Secede, which leaves about 20% who, when asked the question went “Huh? Uh, Go Steelers!” (or whatever a Deer in the Headlights says).  And it doesn’t say anything about WHAT kind of Government would be formed, nor who would be Citizens.  But what is interesting is the fact that the LEAST amount who want to Secede comes from the Democrats who live in the NorthEastern States.  You know, the VolksRepubliks where Your RKBA is considered a “Terroristic Threat?”  The places where the Modern Democratic Party has Elections so rigged up that no Republican stands a Chance?  The States that have the Highest Taxes and MOST Government? Those places.

Now, before one thinks that this 25% is a Bunch of Fanatics, you might want to think again.  Look, if you add up all the Ultra Right-Wing Fascists like the Aryan Brotherhood, the Klan, etc and combine them with the Ultra Left-Wing Communists such as the “Occupyers” and the New Black Panthers and La Raza, you couldn’t 0.1% of the Voting Population.  Heck, Ralph Nader got less than 3 million back in 2000, which sure don’t add up to 25%!  Oh, sure the Left Stream Media Pundits is whining about how the “Tea Partyers” will form their Own Country, but forget their Paranoid Butts.  They’re Panicking because the Republicans MIGHT get control of the Senate this Fall, and start to “Roll Back” Obama’s Fundamental Transformation.

Right. Yeah. Sure.  The Party that HATES the Tea Party, because the Tea Party would kill off all their Perks and Bennies that they give to THEIR Cronies.  And WHICH “Tea Party” do they fear, because there’s about a half a dozen or so.

So, again, I ask the Question:  What’s WRONG with this Picture?  We know that 25% of the Electorate is NOT a bunch of Bomb Throwers, so it can’t be Fanaticism.  And they can’t ALL be Gun Nuts, though I wouldn’t put it past the 25% to have a Higher-than Average Rate of Gun Ownership.  Nor would I put the 25%  into the “Tree-Hugger/PETA” crowd, either.

What I can say is that ANY Nation that has 25% of its Citizens PISSED OFF enough at its Government is a Nation in Trouble.

And the Political Elite better realize that when THAT many People HATE them, they better change their ways or Get Out of Dodge.  But What Say You?  Bubblehead Les Out.




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