Winter Gun Blues.

Hello!  Time to talk about Firearms.  And I need some input.  So here’s MY Problem.

I live about a half-mile or so from the shores of Lake Erie, east of Cleveland, Ohio.  Every Winter, my Home gets subjected to the effects of “Lake Effect Snow.”  There aren’t that many places on the Planet that gets Lake Effect, BTW.  But what happens is that Cold Fronts come across the Great Lakes in the Winter, and as soon as it hit my Shoreline, the moisture that gets picked up and turned to Snow can Dump copious amounts on my House.  It is not unusual at all for me to get up and have to shovel a couple of feet of Snow out of my Driveway on any given Winter morning.

Now, like a lot of you that can LEGALLY Carry Concealed, it is my Habit to NOT leave my Doorway w/o a Handgun on me, even if it’s to just get the Paper.  We DO live in Heinlein’s “Crazy Years” after all.  Just check the News for proof.  But in the Winter, I can’t do my Summer Practice of carrying a .38 Snub in my Front Pocket when it’s 90 degrees in the Shade. And getting dressed in the Winter with all those extra layers make it a Pain to use an IWB holster.  So I prefer a Paddle for EDC.  But when one is throwing on a set of Winter Coveralls and grabbing the Parka just to clear the Driveway, THEN coming back in to get dressed for the day, well, you see the Picture?

What I USED to do was to put a Dan Wesson with the Two Inch Barrel attached in a Desantis Nemisis Pocket Holster and stick that in my Right Front Parka Pocket.  And I wore MilSurp Wool Glove Liners.

But I sold off the Dan Wesson a while ago, and I’ve yet to find a Suitable Replacement.  And I’m not the only one with that Problem.  OldNFO posted last year or so about finding Gloves that were Thin enough to pull the Trigger, yet wouldn’t jam the Trigger.  And I remember an old article Mas Ayoob wrote about how when he was a Cop up in N.H., he used a Sig 220 EURO Model in .45 ACP with the Mag release on the Butt.  He felt he couldn’t take the chance of having to draw his weapon and accidentally dropping the Magazine when he took his grip with Gloved Hands.

And that brings up the Dilemma.  You see, in 2014, there are LOTS of Handguns out there that are designed for Concealed Carry.  In nice Weather.  Indoors.  But try to use an LCP with Gloved Hands when it’s 20 degrees out?

Oh, and my Hand Size is 2X, so a lot of the Modern “Pocket Rockets” don’t work for ME even in August.

And since the VolksRepubliks passed their Unconstitutional Anti-Freedom Laws regarding Ammo Capacity, the price of Revolvers has Sky-Rocketed.  I mean, $450 for Smith J-Frame?  And try to find a K or L-Frame sized Two-inch Revolver, even on the Used Market.

And with all those “Glock Triggers” with the little lever in the Trigger Face, or an Articulated Trigger, well, I can see the Handgun going off while one is inserting their Finger in the Trigger Guard.  Safety First, right?  So what to do?

I’ve been thinking about maybe a Kahr in Nine or Forty, but I haven’t tried one with Winter Gloves on.  And a Baby 1911 might work, but they tend to be a little out of my Price Range.  Keep in mind, it will probably be spending most of its time in a Winter Coat Pocket., so that means I’m still having to use an Indoor Gun when the Coat is on the Hook.  But that leads to having to shift it to another location.  Think of having TWO Pistols at 4 o’clock on your body at the same time.  Now it gets Complicated.

So what I’m thinking is having an IWB or Paddle Holster set up to take the Winter Gun, but leaving it empty.  The Holster, not the Gun.  Then I’d just Transfer it from the Coat to the Waist.  But that does involve shifting a Loaded Weapon around a lot more than one would do in July.  The Four Rules apply no matter what the weather, but moving it in and out and back and forth several times a day, well, I’ve had ONE AD in my life (I’m an Honest Man!), and I don’t want another, Thank You Very Much!

So, right now, I’m at the Planning Stage, and I’d appreciate some Input.  Oh, BTW, in regards to Gloved Hands:  those of you in Free States who have an AR (and everyone SHOULD, IMHO!) might want to get one of those After-Market Trigger Guards that open up the Trigger Space so that you can use Gloves.  Can’t Hurt, might Help.  After all, the Bad Guys don’t Hibernate come October, right?  And I’ve noticed that some companies are building Lowers with extra Space in the Guard molded in.  Seems like a Good Idea to me.

So, any Ideas?  You know how to reach me.  Bubblehead Les Out.


7 thoughts on “Winter Gun Blues.

  1. Old 1811

    Try an SP101 or a 3-inch (fixed-sight) GP100.
    I was an agent in your same latitude (in a big city on the shores of Lake Michigan) and I’m quite familiar with lake effect snow. I remember not being able to see across the street downtown when there was sunshine and no snow in the suburbs.
    I carried either a 3-inch Model 65 (my own) or a 3-inch stainless Speed-Six (issue) in the right front pocket of my parka or M-65 field jacket. I also wore wool (and later, polypro) glove liners. I shot my agency’s 60-shot qualifying course in -20 degree weather that way (just once, I’m no masochist), with no problems other than needing half a day and a gallon of coffee to warm up afterwards.
    I wouldn’t use a 1911 because I would worry about not activating the grip safety or missing the thumb safety with gloves. I think point-and-shoot is the way to go when you’re wearing real gloves.

  2. Glenn B

    I do my shoveling with these:

    They fit just fine into my Glock 26 or Beretta 92FS trigger guards. If you distrust the Glock trigger safety, let me say I think it is next to impossible to shoot off an accidental discharge with the first shot being double action on the Beretta which could be another option. They also mesh well with my Remington R1 1911, and did the same with a Sig 229 that was issued to me when I still worked for the G. In addition, I have had no problems operating my Remington 870 while wearing them. Not the greatest gloves for warmth but good enough for shoveling on all but the most bitter cold days or if they get soaked.

    All the best,
    Glenn B

  3. bubbleheadles Post author

    Thanks Glenn! I’ll check them out. But I think the Beretta or any Full Size Service piece might be a little big. My Mid-size Smith SD just barely fits in my Parka Pocket. Nothing Wrong with the Beretta at all, just a little Big. Now if I could find a Cheap Sig…..

  4. SportPilot

    For your purposes and desire to minimize cost I’d go with one of the ARMSCO reiterations of the Colt Detective Special its # is M-206… While it doesn’t have the fit and finish of a Colt/S&W or Ruger its still fully functional. I’ve no need for one but sooner or later I’ll succumb to weakness and buy one for my range bag.


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