23 October 1983

Hello.  So yesterday was the 13th Anniversary of the Murder of nearly 3,000 Innocent People, all in the name of “Allah.”  A lot of you out there in the Blogosphere put up your Posts about that Day, and it should be remembered.  But I didn’t. And I won’t.  You see, as horrible as it was, it wasn’t the first time Innocent People were Murdered in the name of “Allah.”  I sure wish it was the last.  But it won’t be.  Not as long as Murderers can justify their Crimes by Invoking the name of “Allah,” and American Politicians refuse to see that “Islamic Fundamentalism” IS BARBARIANISM and needs to be fought against in a way that will have the “Islamic Fundamentalists” Pissing their Pants every time they HEAR the Words “American Soldiers are Headed this way.”   As mad as I still am about 9/11, that’s not the first day that I HAD to remember.  Let me tell you MY history involving a Murder Scene in the name of “Allah.”

Sunday, 23 October 1983, two Homicide Bombers drove their Trucks full of Explosives into the U.S. Marine Barracks AND the French Para Barracks, both in Beirut, Lebanon.  The U.S. Military was there as part of a “Coalition” to try and bring “Peace and Stability” to a Country that was being torn apart by various and sundry Armed Groups, most of whom were doing so in the name of “Allah.”  Sound Familiar?  And earlier that year, they had ALREADY attacked the U.S. Embassy using similar Tactics, murdering 63 people.  Sounds like something Obama spoke about the other night? Anyway, a version of Iranian-backed Hezbollah decided that they would “Drive out the Infidels” who DARED to try and bring Order out of Chaos, all in the name of “Allah,” of course.  So, when the dust settled, there were 241 DEAD Marines, 58 French Paras and 6 Civilians, along with a couple of Homicide Bombers who did the driving.  All in the name of “Allah.”

So how did I fit into this?  Well, I was in the Navy, and I was stationed at the Fleet Combat Training Center, Dam Neck, Virginia Beach, Virginia, just down the road from NAS Oceana.  Being on Staff, I had to do Base Duty in addition to my regular Day Job.  But since it was a School Command, most of the “Grunt Jobs” were done by Students.  Which meant every 100 days or so, I would spend a Night or a Saturday/Sunday as a Base Ambulance Driver.  Which meant 90% of the time, I’d check in, see which Corpsman I was paired with, make sure the Ambulance was Stocked and Topped off, and usually end up watching TV or playing Cards, etc.  But not after the Bombing.

So it’s Monday Morning, I go to the Base, and Security was TIGHT!  I get to my Office, and my Chief comes up to me.  He tells me that I have to go to the Clinic and stay there.  So I get to the Clinic, and EVERY Corpsman, Doctor, Nurse, Dentist and Ambulance Driver is there.  The Clinic Commander calls us to Order, and we are informed, that due to the Marine Barracks Bombing, EVERY Medical Station on the East Coast is on “War Footing,” and that until further Notice, we are NOT to leave the Clinic until the “All Clear” comes in.  The reason was that they had no idea how many Casualties might be Evacuated to the East Coast, and Ambulance Drivers would have their Vehicles RUNNING 24/7, just in case Casualties were flown in.  Remember NAS Oceana was just down the road.  And the same thing was happening at NAS Norfolk, AFB Langley, etc.  And that was just in my area.

Oh, and we were also available for the Grenada Operation, also.  But our Priority Tasking was Beirut.

I stayed there for Five Days, just leaving to head to the Base Filling Station to keep the Tanks Topped off, and head to the Chow Hall, Head of the Line Privileges.  For Three Nights I SLEPT in the Ambulance.  We let all the Female Medical Personnel have the Duty Bunks and the Couches in the little Lounge and Folding Cots we could scrounge.  Hey, it was the 80s, Hillary.

All because some Nutjobs thought they should Blow Up People in the name of “Allah.”

The Good News for me was that the Sixth Fleet and the German Bases were able to handle all of the Wounded, and they were flown direct to Bethesda in DC.  Same with the Grenada Wounded, except the Southern Bases handled them.

The Bad News was that there wasn’t that many Wounded, and most of the Casualties ended up in Dover AFB.  That’s where we send most of Our Fallen Heroes nowadays if you didn’t know.  241 of them, that time.

So yeah, 9/11 has me Pissed Off.  But what pisses me off more is that it still keeps happening.

Since the late 60s, somewhere, some Islamic Nutjob decides that “Allah” WANTS them to Kill Innocent People.  Doesn’t matter if they’re Sunni or Shia or Wahabi or WHATEVER,  the Common Denominator is ISLAM.  Think I’m exaggerating?  Let’s recall some of them, shall we?  The Olympic Massacre in Munich.  The Lod Airport Massacre in Israel.  Entebbe.  Lebanon.  The Iran-Iraq War.  The Massacres in Kuwait after the Invasion. Gas Attacks in Syria and Kurdistan.  Kohbar Towers.  The African Embassies.  The U.S.S. Cole.  9/11.  The Bali Night Club.  The Mubai Hotel. FORT HOOD! And all the Shia/Sunni/ Taliban Bombings and Counter Bombings.  And now IS/ISIS/ISIL.  Hmmm, not very many Catholics or Protestants seem to have been involved, is there?  Except as “Infidels,” of course.

So what’s the Casualty Count up to, including the Wars between Iran and Iraq and Syria and Lebanon and Gaza?  10 Million? 15 Million?

All in the name of “Allah.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, since at LEAST the Fall of Iran in the late 70’s, somehow, someway, the United States and it’s Citizens has been regularly attacked by Nutjobs who have decided that Killing US is a “Good Thing,” as long as it’s done in the name of “Allah.”  So throwing in all the Troops that have been MURDERED every time we go some place to bring about Order and Stability, I guesstimate that we’ve LOST around 10-12 Thousand People over the last 40 YEARS.

40 Fucking Years.

And the CIA just announced TODAY that IS/ISIS/ISIL has around 20-30 THOUSAND “Fighters,” murdering in the name of “Allah.”

Any guesses how many more of our People will be killed taking on those Scumbags?

All in the name of “Allah.”  “Peaceful Religion” my Fucking Ass, Obama.

“Tell it to the Marines.”

Bubblehead Les Out.


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