I’ve seen this Movie before…..

Hello.  Nothing like having one’s Electricity go away for the SECOND TIME IN A WEEK BECAUSE IT RAINED!  And THIS time, it only took 10 HOURS to come back!

I had a nice post about the AR in my mind, but there’s something else I want to talk about.  You see, when one is into “Current Events” as much as I am, and also being a Military Vet with a History Degree, things that are actually quite Important tend to bother me more than what is “Trending” on the Web.  For example, things like the Ukraine being attacked by Russia, or ISIS/ISIL/IS putting a Damper on the “Arab Spring” tend to rise higher than whether or not Roger Goodall tried to “Cover Up” the Ray Rice Scandal in the NFL.

So, tonight I watched Obama give his “Strategy” for dealing with the Barbarians.  And as I was watching it, I came to realize that I’ve seen this Movie before.  And I know some of you Older People out there have also.


Don’t believe me?  Follow along.  First, we have a President who tried to cram a whole bunch of “Social Change” to build his Liberal Utopia, like Johnson.  Next, we have a President who knows he never served in the Military, unlike most of his predecessors, like Johnson.  He knows that the guy running the Soviet Union…,er “Russian Federation” would eat him alive in a Game of Checkers, let alone a Global Crisis.  His biggest Foreign Policy plan, the so-called “Arab Spring” has generated MORE instability in the Region than when he started it, and his Polling shows that his Party will probably get its Clocked Cleaned in the Mid-Terms.

What to do, what to do.  Hey, let’s have a War!

But you see, this won’t be a War like those Evil Republicans would have, No Suree Bob!  After all, HE’S DIFFERENT!  After all, didn’t he bring home the Troops from Iraq and Peace broke out all over the…., er nevermind that. And when the Troops come home from Afghanistan, why I’m sure Peace will,,,er, nevermind the Taliban.  There’s REAL Bad Guys who need Killing!  Why, they even have the AUDACITY to BEHEAD AMERICAN JOURNALISTS! How DARE they attack the MSM! So ISIL is PERFECT to Attack and Conquer!  Except he’ll do it in his own Unique and Brilliant Style!

So, first, he’s going to Bomb them into the Stone Age!  Next, he’s going to have the New and Improved Iraqi Government provide ALL the Ground Troops, (with just a Teeny-Tiny Sprinkle of Advisors and Trainers) so he doesn’t have to have those Pictures of American Troops coming home in Body Bags that are so disheartening to the Voters.  Third, he’s going to have a Coalition of LIke-Minded Countries support him and the Iraqis, and who knows, maybe THEY’LL put Boots on the Ground, knowing that American Airpower is there to support them!  And finally, he’s going to Relocate and Feed and Shelter all those poor Civilians who are being Terrorized by ISIL. into “Safe Villages!”  Why, even some of those Hmong Tribesmen will…., er Kurdish Peshmerga might even fight with us!

I mean, have you ever seen such a Brilliant Strategy in all of World History?

Yes, I have.  Vietnam.  Now, some questions for the President.

Mr. Obama, what will you do if some Advisor with an Iraqi Army Unit gets Attacked and Captured and has his Head Chopped Off on the InterWebs? Can you guarantee that won’t happen?

Mr. President, you say you will be Bombing ISIL in SYRIA.  What will you do if that Bomber gets Shot Down by the Syrian Air Force?  Don’t think it could happen?  Ever seen that War Memorial in Hanoi, you know the one that’s a Tail of a B-52 that was shot out of the Sky?  Do you really think Assad will allow FOREIGN WARPLANES to Bomb his Country?

Oh, and after several years of “Bombing them Back into the Stone Age,”  including the use of Chemical Bombs by the Syrians, why is ISIL still a Threat?

Mr. Obama, what will you do if RUSSIA sets up some Anti-Missle Batteries and runs them for Assad?  What will you do if they start Shooting?  Or have you forgotten that Putin LIKES to rub the West’s Nose into the Crap?  Can you say Malaysia Airlines 17 over the Ukraine?

Mr. Obama, just where are you going to get the Planes and the Bombs and the Pilots and the Ground Crews and the Advisors and the Trainers and the Cooks and the Gasoline to do this War in the First Place?  After all, didn’t you Gut the Military to the Point that the Health and Human Services Budget is now twice as big as the DOD Budget?  So how is this going to be paid for?  And where are the Troops going to come from?

Mr. Obama, speaking of LOGISTICS, just where are you going to PUT the Planes and the Ground Crews and their Barracks and their Trucks?  Iraq?  Saudi?  Jordan?  Turkey? Israel?  Or is this going to be a Carrier War, like ‘Nam was for a while?  And how will you pay for THAT Deployment?

Mr. Obama, what happens if there’s a “Gulf of Tonkin” Incident?  Do you just Keep on Keeping on, or do you Expand, or do you Run Away?

And Finally, Mr. Obama, do you REALLY “Know Thy Enemy?”  Johnson thought he “Knew” the VC and the NVA and Ho Chi Minh.  Look where that got him.

The trouble with this “Movie Sequel”, though, IMHO is that I want those Barbarians eradicated also.  I really, Really, REALLY DO.  So on THAT point, I support the President’s Decision to go after them.

But as a Military Vet and a History Major, these Scum are NOT like the VC.  And that’s why Obama is once again proving that one shouldn’t let Amateurs run a War.  Mr. Obama, they’re BARBARIANS.  The Laws of War and the Geneva Conventions mean as much to them as they did to the SS at Dachau.  And Barbarians only Quit when THEY are treated WORSE than they treat their Enemies.  It’s a HISTORICAL FACT.  Which means the Rules of Engagement are simple. But BRUTAL.  Use Overwhelming Force.  Terrorize THEM.  Napalm THEIR Bases.  Put THEIR Heads on a Heap.  Treat them like Caesar did the Gauls, or the Spaniards did the Moors, or the Mongols did the Russians.  Level THEIR Towns.  Salt THEIR Earth.  Turn the Captive Barbarians over to the WOMEN of THEIR Enemies.

Get the Picture, Mr. Obama?  Reality Sucks sometimes, but as President, if you want to play “Commander-in-Chief,” then you HAVE to “Know Thy Enemy.”  Or don’t start something.

And if you don’t think that such behavior is “Presidential” and “Civilized,”  I remind you of what one President did during a War.

He led his Troops across a half-frozen river.  In the middle of Winter.  In the Dark.  During Christmas. To kill his Enemies in their Sleep.  It was called the Battle of Trenton.

And the President was George Washington.

Bubblehead Les Out.



3 thoughts on “I’ve seen this Movie before…..

  1. ProudHillbilly

    That’s the thing. It has to be hard and total. The army of isis is approximately 80,000. That means there has to be 80,000 smears on the sand. And the memory that if we see them again then hell will follow them down any path, into any cave, under any rock.

  2. Doubletrouble

    All the POTUS blustering notwithstanding, we as a country don’t have the balls to do what needs to be done. That is, fight to WIN, in the manner you have described.
    This will not end well.


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