The Economy, ARs and You.

Hello!  Looks like most of the Tribe would, if they could, reach through the  Wires and Choke the Crap out of Tam’s Stalker.  But since most of us believe that the Rule of Law should be followed, well, let us just say that Mr. Stalker will have to “answer” for his Actions someday.  But “Now it’s time for Something Completely Different.”

Apologies in Advance, but it’s necessary to put up some Stats and Math again.  Anyway, while checking the Newsfeeds, on 23 Aug, the Gooberment published something, and the AP passed it on.  It was put out by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, and it concerns the REAL Median Household Incomes (meaning adjusted for Inflation) for the years 2008-2012.  Check this out:  U.S. Median in 2008 was $53,644 for the Average Household (2 Adults, 2 Kids).  In 2012, it was DOWN to $51,017.  Over 5 years, that meant a DECLINE of $2,627 of Cash COMING IN, or in another way of looking at it, 4.89% LOST.

Well, what does that mean?  First of all, we’re talking about the MEDIAN, not the AVERAGE.  Median is the Mid-Point of all REPORTED Income in the U.S.  That means from the KId schlepping your Fries at Mickey D’s for Minimum Wage up to the CEO being paid Millions to drive a Company into the Dirt.  The Center of the Scale, okay?  It is NOT the “Wealth” one already has (that’s a whole ‘nother ball of Wax!), but Inflation has been factored in. Think of it as “Take-Home Pay.”

Now, what could possibly be happening to cause YOU to have less Cash in Your Wallet?  Take a look at the years involved.  You see, Nancy Pelosi and the Modern Democratic Party got control of the Federal Budget when they were Sworn in in January, 2007, but they couldn’t mess with it too much until the Fall. Like wise, the Republitards couldn’t mess with it until the Fall of 2011, even though they took over in January.  Yeah, “The Great Recession” didn’t help, but there’s another Factor or two to think about.

You see, the “Official National Debt” at the end of 2007 was $5.035 TRILLION.  By the time the Republitards grabbed the Purse Strings back, Nancy, Harry and Barack drove the Debt up to $10.128 TRILLION by the end of 2010!

So were the Bush Tax Cuts which expired under Nancy’s, Harry’s and Barack’s Watch enough to drive down the Debt?  Hell No!  They spent WAY MORE than those Taxes could ever cover.  Oh, and BTW, Obamacare started kicking in in 2012, so there’s more Taxes out the Door, which means that it has to come from Somewhere.  And YOU are that “Somewhere.”  JUst check your With-holding Statement.

Oh, but it doesn’t end there, No Suree Bob! You see, you also have all those Pesky State Taxes, and Local Taxes, and Sales Taxes, and Taxes that the people who make the Canned Beans have to pay, and Social Security and Medicare and License Fees and Passport Fees, etc.  BTW, the Company that makes the Canned Beans?  They ain’t paying the Taxes, you are.  Why do you think a Can of Beans costs more Today than it did 10 years ago?  Learn this Lesson well, and pass it on:  ALL Taxes on a Product get Paid by the CONSUMER, NOT THE PRODUCER, through Price Increases PASED ON TO THE CONSUMER.  PERIOD.

So, what are we getting for a DOUBLING of Government Spending since 2008?  Sure isn’t going into the Military.  Did you know that many States are Delaying or Canceling National Guard Training in September?  Not enough Federal Dollars in the Budget to Pay for it.  In the Active Military, Planes still aren’t Flying, Ships still aren’t Sailing, and Good People are being told “See Ya!”, even if they wanted to Re-Enlist.

Gee, anybody think Putin is SCARED of the U.S. Military stopping him in the Ukraine?

Oh, for all you Uber-Liberals out there:  Why are YOU still complaining about “We Spend TOO Much on the Military, and not enough on THE POOR!”

Really?  Did you know that, with the Obamacare Ponzi Scheme kicking in, that for the FIRST Time in our History, the “Health and Human Services Department” Budget is OVER ONE TRILLION DOLLARS, TWICE THAT OF THE DEFENSE DEPARTMENT?  TWO to ONE.  Go look it up. Not enough on the Poor my Ass.

“Okay Les, I get it. We are Getting Poorer, and it’s mostly the Gooberments Fault.  What does THAT have to do with ARs?”  Ah, now for some Good News.

Remember a couple of years ago when the price of Firearms and Ammo and Magazines started to go up?  Right about the time of the Romney Campaign trying to take on the Uber-Liberal Barack Obama, as I recall.  Then when the IDIOTS in our Republic decided to either Vote for Obama or Stayed Home “Because Romney is Too Liberal for me!” (Which every Democratic Operative who worked for Obama THANKS YOU!), right after the Election, the prices of Firearms and Ammo and especially ARs went Up.  And UP.  AND UP!  Along with Ammo, Magazines, Accessories, etc.

Damn thing about the Law of Supply and Demand.  No matter how hard they try, the Liberal/Progressive/Socialist/Commies just can’t seem to Repeal it.  Oh well.  In fact…

True Story.  March, 2013, My Buddy the Surplus Dealer set up at the Local Gun Show. He had lucked out and bought some once-Fired Federal 5.56 Brass from the Gooberment about a year before the Election. About 25 THOUSAND Cases.  Ever seen a 55 gallon barrel full of Empty Brass?  And another Good Friend had LOTS of 55 grain FMJ .223 Bullets. And the Powder.  And the Dies and the Primers and the Presses.  So, we all got together, took a couple of weeks, made up 5,000 Cartridges, put them in 100 round Bags, and put $75 a Bag on them.  That’s 75 cents a RELOAD.

We sold most of them that Weekend.  And all the 30 round USED G.I Mags My Buddy “collected” over the years of his Military Service.  At $50 a Mag.  And all the .22LR we could scrounge.  At $100 a BRICK.  Another Friend there had just gotten his Tax Refund (ANOTHER THING THAT HAS SHRUNKEN,BTW!) and found an AR he wanted. He spent $1,500.  And was HAPPY.

Capitalism at its Finest.  We had a NICE Dinner after the Show closed, you betcha!

But that was Then. What about Today?  Well, last month, while checking out the local Gun Store, I saw on the Used Gun Rack 3 ARs.  For $600 a piece.  Which meant with some Haggling, maybe $500-$550?  Oh, and all the Big Distributers are selling 5.56 from 30-40 cents a round, depending on how much you want, plus S+H, of course.  No Limits.  Magazines? $8-10-15, depending on Make and Model?  Oh, and Smith and Wesson just shut down their AR Production Line for a while.  Too much Inventory not going out the door.  Again, Supply and Demand.

So let’s take the $1,500 that guy spent on his AR ALONE two years ago, and let’s see what it could bring today, shall we?

Let’s go with a Basic “MFourgery” from say, DPMS.  Oh, and I’m not getting Paid to Plug ANYBODY, so Bite Me!  Up here, around $650 plus tax, so $700 out the door.  10 Magazines for $12 a piece, plus tax, call it $130.  Pouches, Slings, Mag Loader, Cleaning Kit, some Hoppes and tax, another $100.  So we’re up to $930 with tax.  That leaves $570 for ammo.  Let’s take off $70 for Shipping, and that leaves $500 at $.35 a round, so that comes out to 1,428.57 rounds.  But since they don’t come packed that way, a Thousand rounds plus another 400 or so?

But you get the Picture.  In spite of the Economy and the Government taking More and More and More, the Price of being Well-Armed in a Free State is CHEAPER Today than it was TWO Years ago.  A LOT Cheaper.

I’m sorry that this doesn’t Apply to all of those who are Stuck in a “VolksRepublik” like Massachusetts or Connecticut or Rhode Island or Kalifornia, etc.  But for the rest of us, if you can afford it, I think now would be the time to get an AR and Ammo and Accessories, if you don’t already have one.  And if you want another one or two or three….

After all, The Anointed One is not leaving the White House until January 2017, so who knows what HE would try to pull if the Republitards get both Houses of Congress. And even if the Republitards get the Senate, trust me, the RKBA is NOT a “High Priority” with them.  Too Many RINOS there.  But at least they won’t TRY to restrict the RKBA.  I think.  Maybe.  Crossed Fingers.

And who says the NEXT President WON’T be “Her Imperial Majesty, Hillary Rodham Clinton the First”?

Yeah, I know, but just clean up your Stomach Contents now, or else it’ll leave a Stain.

Seriously, there are a lot of Good Reasons why every Household that’s Legal to do so should have a Well-Stocked AR available.  Even if you don’t like them, like me.  But I have one anyway.  So we’ll talk about that next time, okay?  Bubblehead Les Out.




One thought on “The Economy, ARs and You.

  1. Old NFO

    It’s getting ugly out there, we’re running out of OPM to spend, and people are now realizing the OPM .gov’s been spending is THEIRS… And more and more will be coming out of our paychecks with NOTHING to show for it!


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