A Simple Question.

Hello!  This one’s going to be short.

Could someone explain to me why, after only a couple of days of School, most Public Schools, Colleges and Universities will be taking Labor Day off, yet will still be open for Veteran’s Day?  That’s what my local School Districts Calendar says.  And I’m pretty sure that my School District is not a Fluke.

After all, Labor Day only came about because of Lobbying by the Progressive Union Movement a century ago, while Veteran’s Day honors those Men and Women who put on our Republic’s Uniforms and put themselves into Harm’s Way.  And it used to be called Armistice Day, to celebrate the END of WW1.  You know, the “Let’s be Grateful that the Slaughter has Ended” Day?

All I know is this:  On Monday, there will be a LOT of Stores open, manned by Workers who have NO Choice but to Work if they want to keep their Jobs.  Yet MILLIONS of UNION Workers (including Teachers) will be getting Paid to NOT Work that day, or if they have to, get Double/Triple/Holiday Pay for doing the same thing they would be doing on Tuesday.

Yet the Military who are on Watch Monday get the same pay as they did on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday….

Just a Question. Think about it. We’ll talk after the Holiday. Bubblehead Les Out.


5 thoughts on “A Simple Question.

  1. 3boxesofbs

    The people running the school districts are thoroughly cultured in the liberal world view; therefore Labor day is to be celebrated and Veteran’s Day tolerated. It is an off-shoot of the “violence never solves anything” mentality.

    Bob S.

  2. Grog

    Nope. 😉
    The answer is obvious, of course, it’s the progressives/statists/liberals/all-the-other-labels that describe anyone opposed to Rightful Liberty, Personal Responsibility, Manners, etc…………………………. and wish to beat down those who believe in them rather than change their behavior and perspective to be an Intelligent adult.

  3. oldnfo

    +1 on Grog… No time for veterans… They are mean, nasty and they kill people… Can’t be honoring them…

  4. SPEMack

    I do believe it is an off shoot of violence never solves anything, however, I’m one of those weird vets that would just as soon skip both Memorial Day and Veterans Day.


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