Back-to-School Advice.

Hello!  Well, it’s that time of the year again.  All the Youngin’s are heading back to school, and there will be Peace and Quiet after you drop them off, right?  Well, not so fast.  You see, there’s a Problem if you wish to Exercise your RKBA and the Schools that you might not be aware of.

First off, I’m not a Lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. I did review the Law concerning my CHP use here in Ohio, though.  And I’m pretty sure that most States have similar Laws.  That is, of course, in the Free States where the RKBA is Respected, not the VolksRepubliks where you are a Threat to the State.

So here’s the Scenario.  You’ve jumped through the Hoops, paid out your Cash for the “Privilege” of Bearing Arms Concealed, and you’ve developed your Daily Routine for Concealed Carry.  You’ve Armed yourself, and now it’s your turn to Drop off the Kids at School and/or pick them up.  You get to the School, open the Van doors and the Kids head in.  Sometimes, the wait is long, and you’re stuck in the School Driveway with a bunch of Soccer Moms.  No biggie, you just deal with the Kids until Traffic moves ahead enough to open the Doors safely.  Except for one Problem.

Even though you haven’t even left your Vehicle, you have brought a “Dangerous Weapon” onto School Property.

So what, you ask? I’m not entering the Building, I’m just stuck in a Line with a Bunch of Soccer Moms dropping off the Kids.  Sorry.  The Driveway COUNTS.

You see, last year, down by Columbus, a CHP Holder was dropping off the Kids.  One of them couldn’t get out, so the CHP Holder got out of the Vehicle, opened the Door, and freed the Youngin’.  During that Event, the Pistol was seen by a Soccer Mom, who went Nuts and called the Cops, who showed up Armed to the Teeth.  Then the Swat Team arrived shortly thereafter, and the School went into Lockdown.  By the Time the Dust settled, the CHP was looking at SERIOUS Jail Time, Permit Revocation, Firearms Confiscation, the Whole Nine Yards.  The CHP Holder eventually beat the Rap, yet the State Legislature has to Revamp their Gun Laws regarding CHPs and Schools.  I don’t think it’s been settled yet.

“But Les, I don’t have Kids, so I don’t see this applying to me.”  Oh, my Friends, it can. Let me tell you how,

You see, “Gun Free Schools” aren’t just your Local Public Schools.  It applies to Public, Parochial, Private, Day Care Centers, Colleges and Universities, School Buses and SCHOOL EVENTS.  They don’t even have to be on School Property.  Ever seen a School Bus full of Kids going to say, a Cheerleading Competition that’s happening at some Resort somewhere?  Or the Baseball Team heading to some Public Stadium for the State Championship?  As long as the SCHOOL EVENT is in Session at that Local, it’s considered SCHOOL PROPERTY.  And that means No Guns Allowed.

Oh, and if your School uses Buses to pick up your Kids, if you have to help your Kids onto the Bus, the second you step on the Bus, you broke the Law.

“But Les, I don’t have ANY Reason to go to School at all since my Kids are Grown up and Gone.”  Okay, let me ask you this. Ever have to take a Night Class at the local Community College for Work?  Don’t bring a Gun.  Ever have some Board Meeting where the Gooberment wants to talk about raising your Taxes (AGAIN!) and you go to it to Protest?  Don’t Bring a Gun.  Is your local School, like mine is, the place where you have to go to VOTE?  Don’t bring a Gun.  Ever take your Grandkids to the School Playground during the Summertime because it’s your Turn to Babysit?  Don’t bring a Gun.

Everyone see the Problems with Schools?  Remember, Columbine occurred almost a Generation ago, and with all the School Massacres since then, most Public Schools have done very little in the way of Practical Security for the Schools.  Oh, yeah, Clear Backpacks and a FEW Big City Schools have “School Resource Officers” (Security Guards) and Metal Detectors, but I’d say 80% of all the Public Schools have went to “Duck and Cover Drills” and “Call 911!” to protect YOUR KIds.  And passed Laws that we know Psychos and Goblins won’t Follow in the First place.  But tell a School Board that Teachers should be Armed….

Of course, if you get a Chance, I recommend that, if the Topic of Arming Teachers comes up, you do go to the Meeting and ask One Simple Question:  “How come there’s more Police Security at the High School Football Game on Friday Night than there is at the High School on Monday morning?”  Let me know how that turns out.

So, since I’m NOT a Lawyer, what’s my Advice to you, the Lawful Citizen who wants to exercise the RKBA?  Hate to say it, but I think you might need to spend Money on one of those Car Lock Boxes for EVERY Vehicle that you might take onto School Property.  At least, you can say you made the Effort.  But I’m not sure if that would be enough.

Honestly, I think there has to be a Change in the Local and State Laws where you live so that you don’t get Screwed while taking your Kids to School. So that means getting Active with a Pro-Gun Rights Group, Politickin’, Petitioning, filing Lawsuit, etc. But don’t expect anything on a National Level, not with THIS Administration in Power.  But what say you?  Bubblehead Les out.


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