Freedom of Choice.

Hello!  Well, I see that things have settled down on the Streets of Ferguson, MO.  Of course, the “Contamination of the Jury Pool” continues in the MSM, but that’s to be expected. Those of you who remember the Rodney King Debacle a generation ago may recall the never-ending stream of the LAST Seconds of the Police Video played over and over and over again on the Nightly News.  Funny thing is, that when the Actual Trial happened, and the Jury saw ALL the Facts and Evidence, the MSM was “Shocked! Shocked! I tell you!” to hear the Verdict.  Of course, the Riots that occurred because Certain Protected Class People didn’t get their Lynching led to a Week’s worth of Rioting, a Billion dollars or so of  Damage, and several more Deaths and Injuries, such as Reginald Deny being yanked out of his Semi by a Pack of Goblins who THREW A BRICK INTO HIS SKULL, THEN THEY STARTED DANCING IN HIS BLOOD! Sorry. I still remember the Video of what happened to Mr.Deny, and I’m still Pissed about it.  Apologies in Advance. But Moving on.

Funny how the MSM hasn’t acknowledged their Role in shaping the climate of Fear and Hate that such “Racial Hate-Mongering” generated.  It’s as if the MSM Elite WANTS the United States to dissolve into Chaos and Anarchy.  You could almost hear the “Lamentations of their Women” when the Zimmerman Trail ended in “Not Guilty,” yet the Cities didn’t break out with Riots.  And after Two Weeks of Ferguson, I’ve yet to see Cleveland, L.A. NYC, Chicago, Police break out all their “Military Surplus Anti-Riot Gear” and start “Mowing Down Innocent Molotov Cocktail Throwing Protestors with their Government Suppled Assault Rifles.”  Hmmm.  Wonder why?

Could it be that the Ordinary People of ANY Race, Creed, Color, and Sexual Orientation REALLY don’t “Feel” the need to Riot?  Could it be that they really don’t give a Crap?  Or they aren’t paying Attention, because it’s Football Time/Back to School/Too Poor to Play?  Or is it that they exercised their “Freedom of Choice” and chose NOT to participate in the “Ginning Up” of what happened?  Whatever the Reason, the “Professional Racists” and their Allies in the MSM seemed to have an “EPIC FAIL!” with regards to Ferguson.

Anyway, Stayed Tuned.  But on to the Topic.

One of the things that the Anti-Freedom Crowd who wish to destroy your RKBA just don’t seem to get is that it is a Choice as to whether those who are Legal to do so HAVE Firearms.  Unless it is part of your Job, i.e. Military/Law Enforcement/Private Security, etc., no one is Required under the Law to Own a Firearm.

I know, Keneshaw, Georgia, and the “Unorganized Militia” are a couple of Exceptions, but really, when was the last time you heard of the Federales knocking on someone’s Door and Arresting them because they DID NOT have their “Militia Weapons?”  It’s like “Letters of Marque and Reprisal.” It’s there in the Constitution, but when was the last time it was used?

What the Anti-Gunners don’t seem to get is the fact that NO ONE IS FORCING THEM to have a Firearm!  Yet THEY seem to think THEY have a Right to take our Firearms.  I’ve heard every excuse in the Book from them on why You and I aren’t supposed to have Firearms, yet I’ve yet to hear from ANY Pro-Gun Group that the Antis should be Forced to have a Gun! Not One Word from our side, except for a few Fringe-Nut Jobs.

Look, when I said a few days ago that every Home SHOULD have at least a Shotgun, ‘Just in Case,”  I’ve NEVER said that every Home MUST have a Shotgun.  You have “Freedom of Choice” with regards to the RKBA.  Just as it’s YOUR Choice about Religion, Press Freedom, Peaceable Protest, etc.

Yet the Modern American Liberal and their Cronies in the Gooberment and the MSM have a FIT if anyone Opposes things like Gay Marriage, Pot Smoking, Illegal Aliens, “Right to Work” Laws, “Fatty Foods and Drinks,” SMOKING!, and the BIG ONE, ABORTION.

All of which I’m not going to talk about much on this Blog, because, frankly, they’ve been Beaten to Death.

Yet the same People who will Scream to the Heavens every single time those Topics (and Others) come up for Discussion and “Dialogue,” seem to have no Problem whatsoever in DENYING YOUR RKBA.

For example, a Veteran whose Legs were blown off by an IED in Iraq, who is now Stuck in a Wheel Chair for the rest of his Life, and is heading back to School soon is NOT Allowed to have a Concealed Handgun to protect himself on most College Campuses.  He has NO Choice but to break the Law if he doesn’t want to get Mugged.

A Teacher is NOT Allowed to carry a Handgun to Protect herself and YOUR KIDS from a Psycho in most Public Schools, and her Only CHOICE to have some sort of Heavy Furniture to block a Door.

An ex-Spouse is NOT Allowed to have a Handgun on the Streets of San Francisco to protect herself from her “Domestic Abuser” ex-Husband.  She has NO CHOICE but to call 911 and Pray the Cops get to her time if he comes into her Office.

A Middle-Aged  Retired Gulf War Vet in Buffalo has NO CHOICE to use an AR for Riot Defense of his Home, because of the so-called SAFE Act, even though he Taught how to use one and used one in Combat during his Army Career.

You know, maybe those of us out there who are Fighting FOR the RKBA need to start Attacking the Antis with the THEIR Argument, that WE “are being Denied our Right of Freedom of Choice of Self-Protection.”  After all, if THEY can Argue that “Gay Marriage, Abortion, Anti-Smoking,etc.” are all “Protected Rights” under the Constitution, maybe we should Claim the Same Protections.  And unlike a “Right to Privacy,” I can point to the Second, Ninth, Tenth and Fourteenth Amendments as a Hell of a lot Stronger basis for the “Freedom of Choice” to Keep and Bear Arms.  Look them up, and see if you agree.  ESPECIALLY the “Equal Protection Clause” of the 14th. Amendment.

But what say You?  Bubblehead Les Out.




3 thoughts on “Freedom of Choice.

  1. ProudHillbilly

    That would because the roots of modern liberalism are sunk much deeper in Uncle Joe Stalin’s soil than in the soil of the Founding Fathers, to use a relative analogy.

  2. RHT447

    I would add this to the mix as well. Below is a cut-and-paste from the State of California Penal Code.

    “30505. (a) The Legislature hereby finds and declares that the
    proliferation and use of assault weapons poses a threat to the
    health, safety, and security of all citizens of this state. The
    Legislature has restricted the assault weapons specified in Section
    30510 based upon finding that each firearm has such a high rate of
    fire and capacity for firepower that its function as a legitimate
    sports or recreational firearm is substantially outweighed by the
    danger that it can be used to kill and injure human beings.”

    To paraphrase—We are enacting this law because something bad MIGHT happen. This is the nanny state in a nutshell, and the premise by which they endeavor to take away our freedoms. One day, countless ordinary citizens are living productive lives as they have for years. The next day, through no change in their behavior or activity, without arrest, without trail, without conviction, they are liable to sanction by the government if they do not comply. All because something bad might happen.


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