Corrections, Additions, etc.

Hello!  Proudhillbilly reminded me something about the Shotgun that I forgot to mention.  Plus, a little more on Ferguson (I know, I know!).  So w/o further ado…

First, Size does matter.  I’m not talking about the Gauge necessarily, but its Overall Length.  Yes, you can use a 3 1/2 Turkey Gun with a 24 inch Barrel, but what I’m talking about is an 18 inch Cylinder Bore Barrel with a Fixed Stock.  What used to be called a “Riot Gun,”and what most Police Depts. in the pre-Militarization Days used to have in their Cruisers. If you have to use it, you got to move around your House, right?  And at Shotgun Ranges, banging into walls with a Long Barrel isn’t wise, in my book.   Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t get Extended Barrels, Lights, Lasers, Ammo Carriers, etc., but they do cost Extra, and may NOT be Legal in a Volksrepublik.  That Savage I mentioned yesterday has a Fixed Stock with a Pistol Grip, which some Anti-Gunners think makes it an “Assault Shotgun”, just like “the Shoulder Thing that Goes Up.” So check your Laws, okay?  I am NOT a Lawyer, nor does this count as Legal Advice, so all those Ambulance Chasers out there can take a hike.

Next, even if its Legal, I do not recommend getting one of those “Pistol Grip Only” Shotguns like the Mossberg “JIC” for the following reasons.  I think all Long Guns need to mounted to your Shoulder so as to increase the chance of hitting the target.  Next, those things HURT!  If you are a Small Grandmother-type, I think the Recoil could break your Wrist.  Which leads me to the next point.  It’s okay to Downsize.  If you can’t handle a 12 Gauge, go down to 20 or .410.  In fact, to show I’m not Prejudiced, Mossberg has a “Youth Model” that might fit the bill for the Smaller amongst us. Pretty Cheap, too.  And since it has Wooden Stocks and Fore ends, it’s “Politically Correct,” for those Stuck Behind Enemy Lines.

I come from the K.I.S.S. School, and all the Uber-Tactikool Gear one can load onto a Firearm doesn’t mean a Hill of Beans if you can’t hit the Target.  But I do recommend the Shotgun has Decent Sights, especially if you have Old Eyes like I do.  And SayUncle brings up a constant Point on  his Blog.  “Put a Light on it”.

His belief is that if one is using a Firearm at Night and/or Low Visibility (like Smoke in a Riot) that it is our Responsibility to ensure that we can see what we are Shooting at.  Recall the Four Rules.  Now some people say “Don’t Do It!  The Bad Guys can see your light and shoot back!”  I’m going with Unc on this, though.  The reason?  Since we are NOT Room Clearing in Fallujah with Infrared Googles and Lights to see with, our choice is the Plain Old Barrel Mounted Flashlight, or Shooting in the Dark.  Feel free to add a Laser if you want, but now the Price is creeping up, and I’m talking Basic, Poor Folk Defense here.  Also, I’d add a Stock or Receiver Ammo Carrier to the Shotgun.  Extra Ammo close to hand is a Good Thing, okay?  Even those cheap Nylon ones that slide over the Stock can’t hurt.  K.I.S.S.

Finally Slugs or Buck?  That I leave up to you.  I like to roll with Buck in the Firearm, with Slugs on the Stock.  But that’s just me.  I figure that if the Danger hasn’t resolved itself with a Magazine full of Buck, then the Bad Guys might be behind Cover, and I need to Punch through IF THEY ARE STILL A DANGER!  If they are Running Away, let them.  Let the Gooberment handle it from that point on, I say.  You’re going to be in enough Trouble dealing with the Aftermath even if you did everything Legal and Right.  No need to go chasing down the Street after them, unless they’ve Kidnapped someone, of course.

Trust me, as someone who has Shot at a Home Invader, the Aftermath is NOT A FUN TIME.

So, K.I.S.S., keep it Cheap, and keep a Cool Head, okay?  And pray you only have to use it for Practice, right?

Now on to Ferguson.  Let me check something first.  Okay, I’m back.  Just looked at the Google News App on my Smart Phone, and the Story has Disappeared.  What story, you ask?  Why, the Story that Fox News put out that the Cop who Shot the Gentle Giant was so badly beaten that his EYE SOCKET WAS FRACTURED!  ALL WHILE IN THE CRUISER! And the Police knew about it, and turned the Hospital Records over to the Prosecutor, who gave it to the Grand Jury. But there sure a lot of Stories about Holder coming in to Save the Day.

Don’t you just hate it when the Facts get in the way of the Political Agenda? Of course, the Ferguson P.D.  REALLY needs to have a Crisis Management Person available.  Their statements and handling of the Press sounded like Sgt. Schultz saying “I see Nothing Nothing NOTHING!”


So, let’s keep the FACTS straight as we know them, shall we?  There is VIDEO showing the Gentle Giant Shaking the Store Clerk he had just Robbed like he was Rag Doll.  FACT. There is Video showing the Aftermath of the Shooting, with the body of the Gentle Giant laying next to the Police Cruiser.  Has the Same Clothes on as the Thug in the Robbery, and the Body is the same size.  FACT.  There are Medical Records in the Hands of the Authorities with all the damage done to the Cop when the Gentle Giant reached in through the Window and starting PUNCHING said Cop.  FACT.  Damage that included a Broken Eye Socket.  And the Autopsies show that the Gentle Giant was hit in the Front, and NOT “Shot in the back while running away.” FACT.

Where it all gets “Squirrelly” is what happened AFTER the Gentle Giant got done beating on the Cop.  Some say he was strolling away, then the Cop came out of the Car to Shoot him and caught him by Surprise.  Some say he had turned around and was stopped with his Hands in the Air, and the Cop came towards him, shooting all the while.  Some say he turned around and was coming back to beat on the Cop some more, THEN the  Cop Shot him.  Right now, we just don’t have those FACTS.  But I do have that “Something is Rotten in Denmark” Smell in my nose.  You know, the Smell Test?


Funny thing about FACTS, Mr. Holder.  When the Medical Records show what the Damage the Cop has received while IN THE LINE OF DUTY, are YOU, THE NATION’S TOP COP going to Ignore it for your own Political Agenda?  Or are you going to UPHOLD THE LAW AND THE CONSTITUTION?

You might Recall, Mr. Holder, that when the Medical Pictures showed the damage that Zimmerman received at the Hands of Obama’s Boy Trayvon, he was Exonerated in the Trial that YOU pushed for.

Feel like going 0 for 2, Holder?  Because even the FACTS that are out there sure ain’t painting a Rosy Picture for the Gentle Giant’s Actions that day. But we shall see.  Bubblehead Les Out.


4 thoughts on “Corrections, Additions, etc.

  1. ProudHillbilly

    Now you’ve got me thinking that if it’s a rainy weekend maybe I should take a trip to someplace like Gander Mountain (because of their selection) and try some on for size. (Then check Gunbroker…) The lack of a shotgun I can easily handle has been on my mind for a while now.

  2. Mel

    Side note on Ferguson. Who brought the out of state protesters in? They came in from California and New York fairly quick and organized. Who financed it?

    1. bubbleheadles Post author

      Not sure, but I’d check the Usual Suspects. BTW, latest I heard was there was over 160 arrests so far. 7 were Ferguson Residents, most of the rest were from Missouri (probably next door St.Louis), with the rest “Out of Staters.” Funny thing is that most of the arrests were for “Failure to Disperse” (which is Logical). but 21 were for Burglary(i.e., Looting) and 4 were for Assaulting an Officer. So, if that’s all True (take a BIG Grain of Salt!), it sounds to me that most of the “Protests” were just an Excuse by the Regional THUGS to get some Looting in. But don’t tell Holder that, or he might charge you with a Hate Crime!

  3. Old NFO

    Holder and Nixon have already come out and said words to the effect that a ‘vigorous prosecution’ should proceed… Agenda is set- Facts not needed now…


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