Consumer Advice for Disaster Defense.

Hello!  Time to shift gears.  I could go on and on about Ferguson, but I think we’ve pretty much have hit it.  I will say this before we move on.  Now it turns out that the Police are arresting “Out-Of-Towners” who are going to Ferguson to DELIBERATELY cause Violence.  And I’m not talking from St.Louis.  I’m talking Kalifornia and New York.

Sounds like someone is taking a page from the Terrorist Playbook and bringing in Foreign Fighters.  Gee, Mr. Obama, how does THAT fit into your Narrative?

So, keep watching the News, and hope this Bullshit doesn’t spread.  But in case it does, “What’s in YOUR Wallet?”

Reality Check Time.  Most of those who read this Blog are Well Armed and WILL Shoot Back.  I know my Friends. And so what I’m Advocating may not apply to them.  But in case there’s a New Person out there, or you might have a Gap in your Defensive Planning, let’s talk about Guns, shall we?

Look, Shit Happens.  One can Live in Denial and say “Oh, it’ll NEVER happen to ME!”  Or one can Live in Denial and say “Oh, I’ll just call 911 and let the Police handle it.”  But Shit Happens where you might need a Firearm to protect yourself.  To the Newbies out there, think of it this way.  We carry Spare Tires in Cars, but we don’t plan on having a Flat today, do we?  We have Smoke Detectors, but we don’t plan on having our Homes burn down today, do we?  We have Life Insurance, but we don’t plan on Dying today, do we?  Yet we spend money on those things, “Just in Case.”

But what Kind of Shit?  Well, Riots and Hurricanes and Tornados and Wild Fires and Earthquakes tend to bring out a LOT of Goblins to do Evil.  Plus you have the Everyday Thug that wants to Rob and Rape and Kidnap, etc. So, for the Newbies, a Cell Phone Call to 911 may not be enough, okay?

And a Home Defense Firearm is exactly that, a “Just in Case” Tool, like a Smoke Detector or Spare Tire. I believe EVERY U.S. Citizen or Legal Resident above the age of 18 should have a Defensive Firearm for Home Protection.  As long as they aren’t ACTUALLY Mentally Ill or so Disabled that they can’t Safely use it.  Think Alzheimer’s patients, okay?  But everyone else, get a Gun.

But WHICH Gun?  Oh, the Million of Words printed and Thousands of Trees destroyed over this Topic!  But let me give my Criteria, and then we can start the Flame War, okay?

First, it has to LEGAL for those 18 and Over to own.  In MOST States, that eliminates Handguns for those 18-21, with a few exceptions.  And 15 year old Thugs is NOT an Exception, no matter how much Obama embraces them.  So that leaves Long Guns, which breaks down into Rifles and Shotguns.

Next, it needs to be Inexpensive.  Not Cheaply Made, but Inexpensive.  Why?  Heath’s Law.  “Never use a Firearm that you can’t afford to have locked up in a Police Evidence Room.”  If you have to use a Firearm in Self-Defense, and you Survive the Shooting, your Firearm WILL be taken away until the Police and the Courts resolve the Event.  And it’s Amazing how Often Firearms get “Lost” in Police Evidence Rooms.  Now one persons Inexpensive is another persons “You paid HOW MUCH?  What did you do, win the Lottery!?”  But for a person on a Low Budget, the Field Narrows down a lot.  Let’s face Facts.  Semi-Auto Firearms can be Pricy.  Bottom-Line ARs are plentiful today, but still seem to be running around $600 N.I.B., at least in my Neck of the Woods. Good Bolt Actions can start around $300, but they  tend to be designed for Hunting, not for Home Defense. Moisens are still Cheap, but because of the Ukraine, I don’t trust the Ammo Supply.  Non-ARs are Pricey also.  Now one can use a .22LR “Training Clone”, but the Bullets “Oomph Factor” tends to be a little weak.

Oh, yeah, I forgot.  Your “Just in Case” (Riot, Earthquake, Tornado,Hurricane, Wildfire, Home Invasion, etc) Gun needs to have some Fire Power behind it, i.e., Extra Ammo.  After all, it take more than One Thug to pull off a Riot or some Looting and Raping, right?  And who says the Ammo Fairy will Magically Reload your Defensive Firearm while you’re using it?  So that takes out Single Shots and Double Barrels in my opinion.

Next, it has to be “Politically Correct.” Which means it has to be Legal under the STOOOPID Anti-Gun Laws in VolksRepubliks such as New York and Kalifornia.  If you DON’T live in a VolksRepubliks, Lucky You!  But some People who NEED Home Protection, such as a Farmer in Western New York, whose Police Response Time is a Half-Hour or more, or NYC, whose Police Response Time has been measured in “Still Waiting,” are limited in their Choices.

Also, as far as “Political Correctness” goes, I’m also looking at College Students and Military Personnel, both who might be Living Off Base or Off Campus.  Funny how most Colleges and Bases are “Gun Free Zones” nowadays.  Yet for Gun Free Zones, there seems to be a Lot of Firepower available to the local LEOs.  Hmmm.  Wonder why?

So, that leaves us with a Narrow Field.  What can an 18-100 year old use to Protect themselves “Just in Case” thats Inexpensive, Reliable, Politically Correct and has enough “Oomph” and Ammo Capacity to be a Useful Tool against those who wish to Harm you?

In my opinion, it’s a Pump Shotgun. In 12,20 or 410.

Here’s a couple of reasons why.  First, It’s Politically Correct.  Even “Shotgun Joe Biden” approves of the Shotgun for Home Defense (even though he has NO Idea about its Proper and LEGAL Usage).  And I remind everyone that it was an OLD BLACK MAN IN CHICAGO who just wanted a Shotgun to protect himself against THUGS in his Crime-Ridden Neighborhood that gave us the Supreme Court Ruling “McDonald vs Chicago.”

And ANY Anti-Gunner who thinks “McDonald” should be Overturned, is, IMHO, a RACIST!  No matter WHAT Genetic Heritage they are.

Another reason is Training.  Now, a Home Defense Shotgun is NOT Designed for Duck or Deer Hunting, so going to a Trap or Skeet or Sporting Clays Range really doesn’t help with Defending ones Home. But it is Fun. Unless Flying Monkeys from Oz is your Biggest Threat.  But most Indoor Ranges nowadays, have a “Velocity Restriction,” which means Pistols, .22LRs and Shotguns are the Limit.  Home Defense Shotguns should be used like Rifles.  But you wouldn’t be shooting Long Range with it anyway.  So all those 25 yard MAX Indoor Ranges that allow Shotguns are just fine. Especially in February, when those of use who live in Snow Country really don’t want to spend a couple of hours when it’s 20 degrees  outside pulling Triggers.

Also, if one is on their Roof taking 250 yard Shots against Rioters or Looters, I think a Rifle might be better, don’t you?  But if things get THAT Bad, I’d Bug Out.  Sorry, it’s Not quite the End of the World.  We are talking BASIC HOME DEFENSE, NOT A MILITARY ASSAULT IN IRAQ! Or the APOCALYPSE!  Sheesh!

But like all Firearms, it does take some Time and Effort to achieve a Basic Level of Competence.  It wouldn’t hurt to get some Professional Training if it is in one’s Budget.  Or at least some Time with an Experienced Wing Shooter who can help you with Recoil and Short-Stroking and Ammo Tolerance, etc.  And unlike .22LR, you can’t spend all day making Youtube Vids showing how “TactiKool” you are.  Shotguns do have some Recoil, and thus you can only spend so much Time on the Range w/o spending more time with an Orthopedic Surgeon.  It’s Serious Business here folks, not a Game.

But the Good News is, that as of this day in 2014, Good Shotguns and Ammo is CHEAP.  Unlike the Insanity of a couple of years ago, Shotguns are practically Give Aways. For example, I have a Dick’s Sporting Goods ad in front of me. WARNING! To all those Feds who think I’m getting Paid for what I’m about to say, Bite Me.  I’m just using Dick’s as an example. They ain’t paying ME a Dime.

Anyway, this week Dick’s is selling a Savage Arms 12 Gauge Pump for $199.98 plus Taxes. An Okay Shotgun.  It works.  BUT you also get 4 boxes of 25 rounds each of Estate Buckshot for it at no additional cost.Again okay Ammo that works.  Were talking Mickey D’s here folks, not the Four Seasons in Manhattan, okay? Now, this is a Savage 320, with a Pistol Grip and Ghost Ring Sights, so it MIGHT not be “Politically Correct” in some States, but there’s plenty of other models out there that meet the criteria for “Gun Free Zones”. And Savage may not be the “Best Shotgun” on the Market, but it works for it’s intended purpose.  You want to spend more, be my guest. This IS America, after all.  But let’s say you are New Person to Shooting, and not used to the costs of Shooting; or you are buying a Shotgun for your College-Bound Student. If Legal in your State, this is a GOOD DEAL.  Just get a Sling, a Hardcase (you do need to take it to the Range, and Nosy People in a Parking lot while you Legally Transport it may call the Cops if they see a GUN CASE while they are loading Groceries), some Range Fees and Targets, Safety Glasses and Ear Protection, Cleaning Gear, Practice Ammo and Time, etc, and one could have a Basic level of Home Defense for under $400 within a few weeks.  Just make sure you get someone Experienced with Pumps to help you.

If 12 gauge Buck is too much, then drop down to 20 and go with #4 Buck in a Standard Load.  It’s out there. But if you need to go even lighter, then there’s .410.  That’s what is nice about a Pump Shotgun.  It’s Versatile enough so that 95% of healthy Adults and most Teenagers can handle it. And unlike a Semi-Auto, one doesn’t have to keep the Ammo within a certain “Power Range” for it to cycle.  Oh, and the 4 Rules apply as with ALL Firearms.  And Shotguns are NOT a Magic Wand that it’s mere Presence will make Threats vanish.  We’re talking Reality here, not Hollywood. And remember, when you Pull the Trigger, YOU have NO Control over the Load when it leaves the Barrel.  So try not to Shoot your Neighbor’s House, okay?

Finally, let me make this Perfectly Clear. I am NOT Advocating starting a “Race War”.  I am NOT Advocating the Violent Overthrow of the U.S. Government. I am NOT Advocating starting a “Right-Wing Militia.”  But when I see the Actions of our National ELECTED Politicians bending over backwards to APPEASE a Lynch Mob, just because a THUG of a certain “Protected Class” was Shot,  I do have to wonder what those same Elected Officials will do if I HAVE to exercise my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO SELF-DEFENSE, and I HAVE to Shoot a THUG from a certain “Protected Class.”  And if I tell people that they DO have the Right to Protect Themselves against Threats, JUST LIKE THE SUPREME COURT HAS RULED, and you try to come after me, then I have to wonder if YOU, Mr. Politician, really do believe in the Constitution of the United States.  Which happens to have a Free Speech Amendment.  And I get to use it as much as anyone. So what’s YOUR Agenda, Politician?

So let the Flame Wars Begin!  Bubblehead Les Out.



3 thoughts on “Consumer Advice for Disaster Defense.

  1. ProudHillbilly

    Yeah, gotta take a serious look at the “junior” shotguns. I have an old one in the closet that is too big for me and will kill in front and cripple behind.

    And every time I look at the news I think “Gotta buy more ammo”…


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