“Never let a Crisis go to Waste”, Pt.2

Hello.  Well, I’m glad I waited for Obama to make his “Vacation Crisis Speech” today.  For those of you who missed it, which is probably most of America, here’s the Meat of it: A) Iraq will be Fine now that there’s a New, Free, Democratic Gooberment who can Unite all the Diverse Factions in a Common Cause Against those Bad Guys!  And just Look at the Rainbow over the Mosul Damn!  Oh, and even if we give more Food and Water to the Refugees, we won’t do anything else against the Bad Guys except Bomb them!”  Why Obama is into Bombing Libyans, ISIS, Yemenis, etc., yet not putting Boots on the Ground, you tell me.  Guess he went to the LBJ Military Academy…..

B) Ferguson, Mo.  One- He’s sending in Holder on Wednesday, to help with all the CIVIL RIGHTS INVESTIGATIONS that the Feds are running against the Ferguson P.D.  Two-You can Peacefully Protest, but don’t let a Small, Teensy, Tiny Eeny Weeny Minority of the Community use Violence.  He’s NOT sending in Federal Troops to help with the Violence, but it’s Okay for the Missouri National Guard to come in and bring in “Peace, Love and Understanding.”  I wonder if the Guard is allowed to have Firearms?  Besides, all the Feds are Tied up doing No.1.  Three-  “It’s a Shame that such Prejudice still exists against Young Black Men, and we as America need to have a Discussion on how we treat our Young Black Men.”  Or some such Lib-Speak stuff.

Hmm.  Not a Word about how Brown was CAUGHT ON VIDEO ROBBING A STORE AND ROUGHING UP THE CLERK.  Not a Word about how Brown decided ON HIS OWN TO CONFRONT THE COP when he was strutting down the Street blocking Traffic, right after HE ROBBED THE STORE!

Not a Word.

So why give out the same speech he did for Trayvon, minus the “He wished he was his Son?”  Simple.  It wouldn’t help with the Agenda.

Look, the Mid-Terms are coming up.  Missouri is now a Swing State for the U.S. Senate (McCaskill) and Gov. Jay Nixon needs to stay in Power to Veto the Repubs in his Legislature.  The Dems need Missouri (and other States) to maintain their Grip on Power.  So they need every Vote they can get.  All this “Dog and Pony Show” Crap blaming the Ferguson P.D. for being a Bunch of Nazi Racists is to get all the Black Voters Out for the Election.

I HATE this Racist Crap, no matter WHAT COLOR DOES IT, but this is how Politics are Played under this Admin.

So, the Bottom Line as I can decipher from Obama’s Speech and Actions is this:  Black Cops can Shoot Black Youth, not a Word Spoken.  White Cops can shoot White Kids, not a Word Spoken.  White Cops who shoot Black Youths are AUTOMATICALLY GUILTY OF BEING RACIST MURDERERS!

Which is Ironic in Ferguson, MO., because the facts that CAN stand up in Court as of Today show that BROWN WAS A BAD GUY.  And until some Video (other than the Cop’s reaction to shooting Brown CNN is running) or CREDIBLE WITNESSES (NOT BROWN’S ACCOMPLICE!) or Forensic Evidence turns up, I’m going with the Cop in Ferguson, Mo., had a Righteous Shoot.

On course, I’m basing this on ALL the Facts I can get.


Next Post:  What Gun for Riot?  The way this Country is being Driven over the Cliff, this may not be a Thought Exercise.  Bubblehead Les Out.


7 thoughts on ““Never let a Crisis go to Waste”, Pt.2

  1. hollychism

    Missouri term-limits their governors. And Nixon is on his last term. Doesn’t matter what he tries to do to stay in the governor’s seat, he’s out in two more years.

    I don’t recall, off hand, if the state legislature term-limits or not, but I think it does.

      1. hollychism

        Yeah. So? We’ve got the votes to override his veto. It was nothing more than posturing. And he knew it. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have done it.

      2. bubbleheadles Post author

        You know, the Dems have a lot of people that, even though they may be rendered “Neutral” in their present Job, they keep them around for Future Work. Mabus as Navy Secretary, for example. He used to be Governor of Georgia when Clinton was running Arkansas. He later got a job for Bill. Then Obama tapped him for Navy Secretary, and he’s been there since the beginning. Sebelius who just “Retired” from HHS? Remember when she was running Kansas? Did you know she is the daughter of former Dem Ohio Governor Gilligan? Tom Kratman in a lot of his books claims that the Liberals are really Feudalists, who just want to get Power, keep it, then pass it on to their Kin. He may have a point. So I wonder what will happen to Nixon within the Dem Party, if he screws up Ferguson?

  2. hollychism

    Ferguson has already been FUBARed–and the state and federal governments did it by arming city cops with military surplused equipment, which gave the cops cool new toys that they thought they just had to play with, if for no other reason than to “justify” the expense to taxpayers. Unfortunately, they forgot that they work for the taxpayers, and started seeing us as the enemy.

    As for Nixon and his screw ups, they’ll ship him to man the diplomatic desk in Moldova. It’ll “take care of” the embarrassment, and prevent them having to send someone with potential.

    I don’t know about feudalism, but I do think that the political classes in the U.S. are about as inbred as the nobility in Europe, pre-WWI.


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