“Never let a Crisis go to Waste.” Part One.

Hello!  Today’s Title is the Topic.  Remember when Rahm Emanuel said it as Obama’s Chief of Staff, before he left to be Anointed Mayor of Chicago?  Keep that phrase in mind.

So, I’m checking the News Feeds, and I see that Jesse Jackson has arrived in Ferguson, MO. to “Protest Racist Police” (or some such stuff).  Now, yesterday, the Security Video of the Shootee, Michael Brown Robbing and Strong Arming a Store Clerk hit the InterWebs.  To be Fair and Balanced, unlike 99% of the Main Stream Media, it also turns out that the Police Officer who shot Brown did not know at the time of the Shooting that Brown was a Suspect in the Hold-Up, even though it went out on the  Police Radio.  Fair Enough.  Why the Police Officer who shot Brown didn’t get the Word, I do not know.   So, we need to treat Brown’s Actions that day as TWO Separate Instances (unless something else comes out, of course).

But if you put me on a Jury, and showed me that Security Video, then the Crime Scene Photos of the Shooting Scene, I’d probably have to say it was the Same Guy.

Unless the Ferguson P.D. have evidence that the Shootee was NOT the same guy who robbed the Store.  But I doubt that is the case.

Why?  Because Jesse showed up.  And the Narrative TODAY is “The Police are trying to SMEAR the Character Of Brown!”  And they did some more Rioting last night.

So, this morning, if the Facts hold up, we have a Scenario where an 18 year old African-American was CAUGHT ON VIDEO HOLDING IN THE AIR AND SHAKING A STORE CLERK HE JUST ROBBED, and then was Shot to death a few minutes later by the Police.

I’m sorry.  One may be Justified and Angry enough to Peacefully Protest the Shooting, w/o Rioting, just like THE CONSTITUTION ALLOWS, but to say that the Police are doing a “Smear Campaign” when THE VIDEO SHOWS BROWN’S ACTIONS AT THE STORE?

Sorry. Not buying it. NO ONE who goes into a Store and Strong-Arms a Clerk while Robbing it has a “Good Character.”  I don’t care if they are Black, White, Male, Female, Young, Old, Blind, Crippled or Crazy, such Behavior is NOT a Sign of “Good Character.” Period.

So, if anyone who has any sense of Right and Wrong, like, oh say, Religious Ministers such as Jackson and Sharpton KNOWS Brown wasn’t acting that day with “Good Character,” why are they pushing this Propaganda?  I mean, at a minimum, Brown’s action at the Store shows he wasn’t being a “Good Guy” that day.  So why all the Protesting and Rioting?

Because even though they KNOW Brown was a Bad Guy, the Professional Racists like Jackson and Sharpton CAN’T “Let a Crisis go to Waste.”  Because that would be passing up on Opportunity to make Money, stay “Relevant,” and push their Agendas.

And part of their Agenda is make ANY “White on Black” Violence a sign of RACISM!

Never mind if an “African-American Youth” INITIATED a Violent act against a “White Person,” and said person was Justified in using Deadly Force to Defend themselves.  The very fact that said “White Person” did something to Defend themselves makes said Person a RACIST.

Now, what’s “Funny” is that the Professional Racists like Jackson and Sharpton don’t say Squat when a Black person Defends themselves against a Black Thug.  Except for moaning about how “There’s Too Many Guns on the Street!”  If they even bother to say something.

But let someone who happened to pick the Wrong Parents whilst they were in the Womb, and said White/Latino/Asian/Native American defend themselves, why, it’s like it was the ’60s in Alabama all over again!  And if it’s a POLICE OFFICER, why, that’s even better!

Funny how they don’t say much when a Black Cop shoots a Black Thug, though.  Hardly hear a Peep out of them when that happens.  And funny how it seldom makes the News…..

So, BY THEIR OWN WORDS AND DEEDS, Jackson, Sharpton, Holder and Obama want to keep pushing the Agenda that, just because you picked a certain Genetic Heritage whilst in the Womb, you should get Free License to do want you want, because that makes you “Special.”

Don’t believe me?  Just listen to what Obama has said about Ferguson and Trayvon and other events in the past.  Just look at Holder’s Dept. of Justice, which refused to Prosecute Black Panthers who were caught on Video Intimidating Voters.  And how Holder is taking States to Court over Voter I.D.s for Election, EVEN THOUGH THE SUPREME COURT RULED YEARS AGO IN INDIANA THAT IT IS PERFECTLY LEGAL TO DO SO!  Just look at how Obama and Holder keep fighting the 2A, even though we all know that a TRIGGER DOESN’T CARE WHAT COLOR FINGER PULLS IT! “Special”.

I remind you that, in McDonald vs Chicago, Mr. McDonald was an old BLACK MAN who just wanted to have a Shotgun to Defend himself against Thugs in Chicago.

Wonder what Rank McDonald held in the Ku Klux Klan, since he was OBVIOUSLY A RACIST WHO HATED BLACK YOUTHS BEING THUGS!

Oh, and if anyone wants to call me a Racist spewing Hate Speech, I remind them that I don’t give a Crap about one’s Genetic Heritage, just their Actions against Me and Mine.  Again, a TRIGGER DOESN’T CARE WHAT COLOR FINGER PULLS IT!

But I have a lot more to say about their “Agendas,” so we’ll pick this up Tomorrow, okay?  Bubblehead Les Out.





One thought on ““Never let a Crisis go to Waste.” Part One.

  1. oldnfo

    It’s ALL about money… and publicity… Nothing about actually helping the family/doing the right thing…


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