A couple of Questions…

Hello!  Well, it seems that when there’s Breaking News, sometimes the Political Narrative gets Broken. Shucks.  Which leads me to ask to some Questions.

So I’m reading the news this morning, and I see that the U.N.s World Food Programme is going to send Food, Water and Supplies to 85,000+ Ebola Patients and their Families in Western Africa, because their Governments have Quarantined them to keep Ebola from spreading.  But I thought the WHO said last week that there might be no more than 2,000 affected with the Disease?  According to my Math, that means every Ebola Patient has over 40 people in their Family?  So my question is this:  Who does the Cooking when the Family gets together for Sunday Dinner?  I mean, that’s a LOT of Roast Beef for one Mom to make.

Or should we just take anything the U.N. says and discard it?  I mean, Doctors w/o Borders said they have No Freaking Clue how widespread the Ebola Outbreak is, but that it’s much worse than what is coming out in the news.  So does that mean it has Mutated into an Airborne Version? I don’t know, do you?

Moving On.  It seems that the “Poor Black Youth,” MIchael Brown, who was shot by the Ferguson, Mo. P.D. was caught on Video ROBBING a Convenience Store just a few minutes before he was shot, and literally shaking the Clerk like a Rag Doll.  Brown was BIG GUY, NFL BIG or NBA BIG.  That was the Police Call that generated a BOLO on Mr. Brown.  When the call came over the Police Radio about the Shooting, the Officer who just sent out the BOLO came to the scene, and identified Brown as the Suspect caught on Video.  And it turns out Brown’s Accomplice (who was at the Shooting) is the guy who’s been on the News saying “We was Unarmed and the Police Shot him down like a Dog!”

Yeah, the Sum Doode excuse was played.

Now, to be fair, the Cop who worked the Robbery was NOT the Cop who shot Brown. Like I said, he just arrived on the scene a few moments later and said “That’s the Guy who Robbed the Store.”  We still don’t know what happened at the Shooting.  But this raises some questions.

So why didn’t the Ferguson P.D. come out with this days ago?  Why did it take a Lawsuit?  You think maybe 4-5 Nights of Rioting and Looting might not have happened if it hit the 6 o’clock news that day?  The Shooting went down about Noon, after all.  Plenty of time to have a Press Conference.  You think that maybe Al Sharpton and Holder and the Governor and Obama would have would have been screaming “Racism!” if the FACTS were released on the day of the shooting?


Or IS there something to the  Ferguson P.D.’s Attitude towards their Citizen EMPLOYERS? (Remember, the COPS work for US, WE don’t work for the Cops. Period.)  You’ve seen the Pictures.  Those Cops went all Tactikool when they broke out their U.S. Government Supplied Riot Gear, which they rigged up to look like a Patrol in Falujjah. Uh, Hello, McFly, there IS a Science to Riot Control, and making up Assault Squads ain’t it.  Water Cannons work better than Bullets most of the time.

Just ask the National Guard at Kent State.

But that raises another couple of questions.  How come Holder and Obama are SOOOOO Worried about “Excessive Firepower” in the hands of Local Cops, when the Feds have been GIVING the Local Cops that Firepower for over 20 years?  In fact, I believe HOLDER signed off on that Program when he was working for BILL AND HILLARY CLINTON back in the 90s, as part of “The Peace Dividend” from when Bush and Thatcher and Reagan started the End of the Cold War.  Yet NOW he’s whining because that Gear is being used against an “African-American Community?”  So who IS being the Racist?  Ferguson P.D. or Eric Holder and Barak Hussein Obama?

Oh, and how come it’s OKAY for the Federales to have all that Military Gear, but all of a sudden, no Local Cops?  You do know that Obama told the U.S. Military to take 2,000 Mine-Resistant Armored Personnel Vehicles (MRAPS) and give them to ICE, who were told by Obama to NOT Enforce Immigration Laws, right?  Since each MRAP holds about 10-12 People, and there’s over 20,000 ICE Agents (who just so happen to have Police Authority in ALL 50 States), by my Math, that makes ICE having more Armored Personnel Vehicles than an Army Division?  So why does the Second-Largest Police Agency in the Country (after the FBI) have 90% of their Agents rigged up to go into Armored Cars?  Especially when they DON’T HAVE A JOB?  What ARE they getting ready for? Any Ideas?

And how come it’s OKAY to turn FEDERAL Armored Cars loose on the Streets of Boston to chase down TWO Bombing Suspects, yet local Police can’t use theirs in a local Riot Situation? Remember THOSE Pictures from Boston of Armored Humvees?  So, BY THEIR OWN WORDS AND ACTIONS, has the Obama Admin just realized that they might have SCREWED UP by turning that Gear over to Local P.D.s, whom they can’t Order around?  Did they just realize that some of those P.D.s may have a whole bunch of “Clingers” in them, and that they might not Obey Illegal and Unconstitutional Orders that might someday come from the White House?  And said P.D.s now have Matching Firepower?  Does the White House just Wake Up and Smell the Coffee?

Well, I don’t know the Answers to these Questions, but maybe you do.  And as long as I have the Constitutional Right to Ask such Questions, I’ll keep Asking them.  Think about them, let me know your thoughts in the Comments, and try to have a Good Weekend.  And get some Trigger Time in at the Range!  You might need it soon.  Who Knows what’s coming up next?  Bubblehead Les Out.



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