Why does the Left want you to die?

Hello!  Time for some First Amendment Free Speech.

So, I’m checking out News Stories to share with my Buddies, and I notice that a Leftist Judge in Maryland upheld the Leftist State Gooberment’s  so-called “Assault Rifle Ban.”  What gets me is that the Judge said in the Ruling that it’s “Okay to Ban them, because they are not in Common Usage.”  The Judge went on to say that “There’s never been a Case where they were used in Self-Defense.”

Oh, really?  Uh, Judge, there’s this New Thing out there called “Google.”  Try doing a Search.  Oh, and since you’re a Legal Beagle, try Lexus-Nexus. You MIGHT be shocked to find out how often a so-called “Assault Rifle” has been used for Home Defense.  Or Riots.  Or Natural Disasters.  You might also want to look at some News Video from Katrina, you might see some in “Common Usage.”

Got one myself, just in case, thanks for asking. Perfectly Legal under OHIO Law, so take a Hike, Judge.

Another thing making the rounds is some Leftist Nutjob tearing her hair out by the Roots because of the “Civil Unrest” up near St.Louis, Mo.  She’s whining about how “Women are going to Gun Shops to Arm themselves, and America should be ASHAMED!”  Ashamed. Right.

Think about this a second.  Riots are happening in your Town on a Nightly Basis, and the Leftist Governor, Nixon, refuses to send in the National Guard.  Instead, he’s having “Town Hall Meetings” to show how he “Understands the Frustration the Community is FEELING because of Possible Police Abuse.”  All while Thugs are lobbing Molotov Cocktails at the Cops two blocks over from your House.  And you’re supposed to be ASHAMED?

Oh, FWIW, Obama is having meetings with Holder ON MARTHA’S VINYARD “about the Situation in Missouri.”  So I guess since the Anointed One is having Meetings, one doesn’t need a Gun, huh?

Guess that means what’s happening in the Ukraine, Iraq, West Africa, etc. has to be handled over the Phone, because FERGUSON, MO. NEEDS Face-to-Face Conferences.  Shows you how the “Leader of the Free World” handles his Job, huh?

So these are just a few of the Events that have happened where Leftists are doing their best to Disarm you and me.  Of course, the week’s not over yet…

Let me make sure any Lefties who read my First Amendment Free Speech understand something.  If the Cop in Missouri Screwed Up and shot an Innocent Kid, HANG THE MOTHER!  But if the Kid was Assaulting the Cop and going for his Issue Weapon AND GRABBED HOLD OF IT, his Partner is Fully Justified in shooting the Kid.  Happens a lot in Police Business. Deal with it.  After all, none of you Lefties can even think about being in Harm’s Way like the Police, Fire and Military have to do every day.  God Forbid you have to put down you Soy Lattes and actually DO something that might be Dangerous.

But this Crap where “I’m Special! And I don’t have to Obey the Law!  And you Cops are RACISTS because you’re Trying to Enforce the Law against ME!” is getting Old.  Way Too Old.

I don’t give a Rat’s Patootie what “Color, Gender, Race, Creed, Political Party or Socio-Economic Background” you come from, if you get caught Breaking the Law, Don’t Bitch.  You Got Caught.  Tough Shit.

But don’t come spreading your Crap in MY Neighborhood.  And don’t be threatening Innocent People in YOUR Neighborhood with Gun Fire, Molotov Cocktails, Rocks, etc. all while chanting your Leftist Slogan “No Justice, No Peace!”  You want Justice, Hire a Lawyer and fight it out in Court like the rest of us have to.  You don’t have ANY RIGHT TO HARM ANYONE!

Because some of Us WILL “Harm Back.”  And that Includes a Single Mom who has an “High-Capacity Magazine” in her Smith M+P, or a 19 year old Asia-American College Student who has an AR in his Off-Campus Apt. because he’s “Too Young to buy a Pistol,” or a Disabled Iraq War Vet who keeps a .38 Snub in a pouch on his Wheelchair.

You see, Lefties, in a Supreme Court Ruling not that long ago, having a Firearm in the Home for Self-Defense was Ruled CONSTITUTIONAL under the Second Amendment.  Google “Heller vs DC” and READ IT.  It’s a LOT shorter than “50 Shades of Grey,” or the New York Times Sunday Edition, which you have No trouble making time to read.

Oh, and there’s a lot of cases where you Lefties who want us Disarmed have LOST and Citizens are “Allowed” to Carry Concealed on the STREET.  Just ask Illinois.  Does “Bearing Arms” ring a bell, not just “Keeping?”

And keep in Mind, Lefties, it’s just as Valid a Ruling as Brown vs. Board of Education or Roe vs. Wade, two of YOUR Favorite Supreme Court Rulings.  Which YOU have a Hissy Fit if anyone even come CLOSE to trying to have Overturned.  Yet YOU have a Hissy when Citizens want to use the Second Amendment.  You Hypocritical Leftist Scumbags.

Get THIS through your thick, Marxist-Leninist, Maoist “Progressive” Skulls.

You DON’T get to “Pick and Chose” which parts of the Constitution You HAVE to follow.  It’s ALL Valid.  So do what we do, and Obey the Constitution.

Oh, and trying to Disarm Legal Citizens who want Firearms because the “Societal Members” YOU have been Exploiting for Generations like they were still Slaves, all just to get Votes so YOU can stay in Power and live off of our Tax Dollars that we earn through “Evil Capitalism”, decide to ignore the Law and Threaten Innocent People?  Which puts US in Danger?  Which could get us KILLED?  All so you can have your “Socialist Utopia?”

Molen Labe.  Or in other words, Fuck You.  Bubblehead Les Out.


3 thoughts on “Why does the Left want you to die?

  1. ProudHillbilly

    Hear hear! I may steal this post and stick it out on my facebook page just to see who unfriends me…


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