Ebola, Gasoline and You.

Hello!  Yes I’m back.  Life again.  Yes, I had a Great Time AT the Blogshoot, and as soon as I can convince my iPhone that it’s Okay to transfer Pictures to my Mac, I’ll try and get some shots up.  GOING and COMING BACK were HORRIBLE, though.  My Buddy THE Storm who did most of the Driving was about to do some Drive-bys on the Mass Turnpike.  Never Again! If I have to take FOUR ^&^^$$&%^&HOURS to go 120 MILES down a THREE-LANE INTERSTATE, I’ll just pop up to Vermont and take the Country Road in to the Shoot.  At least I can pull over and get a Cold Soda w/o paying ^$^^^*%*% TOLLS!

But on to today’s Topic.  Now, as we all have heard by now, Ebola seems to be Devastating Western Africa. Three Countries have (basically) declared Martial Law, and the Fourth, Nigeria, well, about them in a moment.  These Third World Hell-holes are actually SHUTTING DOWN Hospitals and Clinics in the midst of this Outbreak, because they can’t handle the Disease.  And a couple of the Medical Facilities have been ATTACKED and DESTROYED.  Guess 50 years of having “Thrown off the Yoke of Imperialism” has really made all those people have a HUGE amount of Common Sense and Brains, huh?

Now, I’m not concerned too much about the Disease itself hitting my Neighborhood next week.  But I AM concerned about how well the First World Bureaucracy under the UN TransNational Progressives has Responded to the Outbreak.  You see, last week, the WHO had a Big Meeting, and all the Experts flew in at Tax Payer Expense and spent 3 days living in Luxury Hotels to come up with a Response.  After 3 days of Wining and Dining, they held their Big Press Conference and said “We Have a Global Emergency!”  But when asked what the WHO is going to do about it, their Reply was “Nothing.  That’s up to the various World Governments to decide.”  And that’s what they stuck with.  “Up to the Gooberments, Not Our Problem until the UN tells us to do something.”

Sounds like most of the Obama Admin’s Policies to me.

So, now we have a “Global Emergency!”  But Planes are still flying In and Out of the Countries.  Guess they need another Meeting to say “Stop Flying!”, huh?  But back to Nigeria.

You see, Nigeria has Ebola.  Nigeria is also a BIG Supplier of Oil to the United States.  But Nigeria is so screwed up, that they can’t stop an Islamic Terrorist Group named Boku Hareem (“Death to Western Education!”) from raiding a Girls School a couple of months ago and grabbing a Bunch of Teenagers to use as Sex Slaves and Menial Servants.

And the Girls are still being held captive, BTW.

So, I ask you this:  With a Disease that takes 2-3 WEEKS before the first Symptoms appear, followed by a 90% Mortality Rate in the Third World, with a Collapsing Health System, with a Gooberment that is Basically Useless, what happens when the Oil Workers of Nigeria get sick or don’t show up?

No Oil Flows.  And the United States gets a LOT of Nigerian Oil to feed YOUR Auto, BTW.

So, where else can we get Oil from?  Well, there’s North Africa and the Middle East, of course.  Except that Libya, Iraq and  the other WONDERFUL NATIONS OF OBAMA’S ARAB SPRING are being overrun by ISLAMIC TERRORISTS who are posting Vid of their DECAPATIONS on the Web.

So that “Stable Source” of Oil has been cut in Half.  Thanks Obama!

Well, how about the Caribbean?  There’s Oil there.  Some, but mostly from Mexico and Venezuela.  Oh, did you hear?  Venezuela’s “Bolivarian Revolution” is so screwed up, that they just shut down their Border with Columbia to stop Smuggling.  Of Food, Toilet Paper, Meds, etc.  You know, the Basics to keep a Country going.  And Mexico seems to have no problem sending all the Refugees from the rest of Latin America’s Failing States into TEXAS so WE can handle them.  Thanks Obama!

Well, how about Europe?  Well, there’s Oil in Europe.  All Owned by Vladimer Putin and his Cronies.  And he’ll sell it to us, No Problem.  Right after we yank all the Sanctions we placed on him for his Ukrainian War.  At THREE Times the Market Rate, of course.  I won’t Blame Obama for this one, except we should have POUNDED THE SNOT OUT OF HIS “LIBERATOR THUGS” and sent Putin to Crying on his Knees.

But Wait, there’s Oil in Canada!  Except Obama has decided that Canadian Oil is BAD, and there won’t be a Pipeline down to the States.  Just like drilling for Oil off the West Coast and East Coast is BAD!  Thanks Obama!

Oh, and the Alaskan Pipeline?  It’s running about 50% capacity, because the North Shore Fields are drying up.

Bottom Line:  RIGHT NOW, there is a 20% Reduction of GLOBAL OIL FIELDS AVAILABLE  THAN THERE WAS 10 YEARS AGO UNDER THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION!  And Obama’s Response?  NO Drilling, NO Coal, BILLIONS for Solar Panels and Wind Farms that haven’t produced ONE WATT of Electricity, and an “Arab Spring” that EXPANDED CHAOS AND TERRORISM!

And if Nigeria Folds Up, Stand By.


But Wait, There’s More!

Now, about the Disease itself.  You see, this version is Different.  Prior Outbreaks in Central Africa SUCKED for the Natives, but since it only took 2-3 days before the Bleeding began AND there was no way to get to the Coast from the Jungle, it was Contained.  THIS version take anywhere from 2 days up to THREE WEEKS before one knows that they have it.  And it’s on the West Coast of Africa.

But why should we worry, Les, you ask?  Simple. Right under our noses simple.  So Simple it’ll take the UN MONTHS to figure it out.


We are talking about a Region that has LOTS of Ports that can handle Small-to-Medium Tramp Freighters and Fishing Boats.  Plus, Oil Tankers.  Now, how many of those who might be Infected could be on a Tramp Freighter heading to Marseille, France?  Caracas, Venezuela?  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil?  Mombasa, Kenya?  They’re all within 10 days sailing time of West Africa.  And what do Sailors do in Port?  They find Whores.  AND SPEAD BODILY FLUIDS.  After all, who REALLY screens Crews when one needs to get a Cargo shipped?  Especially in that part of the World.  And since this Disease is spread by contact with BODILY FLUIDS, even if the Infected dies between Port Calls, the Whores can spread it to another Crew two days later, before she dies,  who spreads it to another Port, etc.

Remember how HIV/AIDS got spread in the ’80s?  Same Principle.  Except AIDS doesn’t kill you within a Month of getting it.

And since this Disease is VIRAL, 99% of the “Cillins” and other Anti-Biotics are USELESS against the Disease.  Remember, Viruses can attack Bacteria, which most of our Anti-Biotics are designed to fight.

“Now, Les.  That’s a Pretty Extreme Scenario you’re talking about.  I mean, how do we know this can even Happen?”  Because, friends, it HAS happened.

Ask Europe.  In the Middle Ages.  When the Black Death was brought to Italy by SHIPS.  W/O Diesel Engines.  Five years later, something like 25% of the Continent was DEAD.  And the Black Death was spread by Foot, Boats and Horses.

Today we have Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Ships.  And a TSA that can’t stop a Terrorist, but sure knows how to Strip-Search a Grandma!

And various Third World Gooberments who can’t treat a Disease w/o Foreign Assistance.  Which I’m SURE they’ll get, right after the UN schedules another Meeting.  Sometime soon.

So, in conclusion, just think about this.  In a World that has More People than ever before, that needs every drop of Oil to run Tractors and Combines and Trucks and Ships to Feed the “Huddled Masses,”  what do we do if the Disease spreads to the Point around the Globe, that people just don’t show up to Work?  What if they CAN’T show up, because there’s no Oil Flowing, never mind the Disease keeping them home?  What then?  What happens when 1-2-3 BILLION people need Food and Meds and Supplies?  How do YOU handle THAT “Spring”, Obama?  Bubblehead Les Out.



3 thoughts on “Ebola, Gasoline and You.

    1. bubbleheadles Post author

      What’s scary to me is how shaky the World’s Oil Supply is, AND how the “Powers that Be” seem to think that this Disease isn’t a Threat because they can stop it from Spreading at the Airports.

      They can’t stop Terrorists from Flying all around the World to join up in Jihadi Wars like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, etc., yet they can stop people with a Sniffle from getting on a Plane? Yet no one is checking out Sailors? Or Prostitutes in Port Towns? Sigh!


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