Palmer vs. DC

Hello!  By now, most of the Pro-RKBA Community has heard about the Palmer vs. DC decision.  I won’t go into details, ’cause there’s Tons of Links out there to the Ruling.  But since this strikes at the HEART of Our Constitutional Discussion, I do want to bring up a few points.

First, the Bad News.  IT IS NOT YET ETCHED IN STONE!  Remember, under our Judicial System, the DC Political Elitists do have the Right to Appeal, and Trust Me, they HAVE to Appeal this.  If they don’t, the Decision as it now stands would allow for Constitutional Carry with the boundaries of DC, (MINUS ALL Federal Property where it would be Banned).  So that knocks about half the Available places to Carry.  Second, even if allowed to Stand, nothing would Prevent Private Property Holders from enacting “Gun Free Zones.”  Take off another 10%.  Third, Public places like Schools, Hospitals, Parks etc. would probably also be declared ‘Off-Limits,” so add another 10%.  So we’re talking about 70% of the Area still being a GFZ.

So, since the Political Elitists can’t have the thought of Free Citizens walking around exercising their RKBA, because under an “Enlightened Progressive Utopia,” the very concept of Arms being held in the arms of their “Subjects” is Anathema, expect a Full-Frontal Assault on Palmer, in both the Courts and the MSM.  And don’t be Surprised if there’s a Call to Impeach the Judge!

So, since the DC Circuit Court was recently “Packed” with Uber-Liberals under Harry Reid’s Nuclear Option Play in the Senate (Love that Spirit of Bipartisanship there, Harry!), expect it to be Overturned.  But then Alan Gura and the SAF get to Appeal, which will mean having to go to the Supreme Court, IF THEY HAVE THE GUTS TO TAKE IT.  And that I’m not so sure about.  But we shall see.

But since the latest Tactic by the Anti-Gunners is to “Delay, Delay,Delay” any forward movement in the Courts regarding the RKBA, I do not expect this case to get to SCOTUS until the 2015-2016 Session.  Which means it could be June 2016 until they issue their Ruling.

So, while Technically one could start hitting the Streets of DC TODAY with your Handgun of Choice, I wouldn’t recommend it.  After all, under this Admins Dept. of Justice, New York never seems to get taken to Federal Court for all THEIR Violations, now do they?  And this Ruling applies ONLY to Handguns, NOT Longguns.  So No Open Carry of ARs past the Washington Monument, okay?

But now for the Good News.  I think we shall Win Palmer in a couple of years.  And if we Win, then that sets a HUGE Precedent with ALL the Anti-Gun Handgun Carry Laws in the rest of the Republic.  Can you imagine, say 5-7 years from now, New York City HAVING to give out “Shall Issue” CHPS?  That VolksRepubliks such as Kalifornia and Taxachuesetts grinding their Molars every time they hand a License out?  It’s Possible.

But now for the Political Side.  First, just expect EVERY Uber-Liberal DemoCommie in Office to come out and say “I don’t agree at ALL with Palmer, and if Re-Elected, I Promise to see that it’s STOPPED in its Tracks!”  You know that they’ll HAVE to say that, because if they want to keep their Tax-Payer Funded Jobs, they’ll listen to their Central Committee and follow their Marching Orders.  The days of the Pro-Gun Democrat are OVER, My Friends.  Just live with it.

As for the Republitards, Uh-Oh.  The RINOs from the VolksRepubliks will hem and hah, and say things like “Well, even though I support the Second Amendment, some times the Idea of Glocks being carried on the Streets past a School is something our Founders would not agree to”.  Again, expect someone like Scott Brown and Chris Christie to say Crap like that.  No Surprises there.

But now is the Time to find out just how many of those Running for Office would Support Palmer and it’s Ramifications. You see, the Mid-Terms are coming up, and when the Candidate is at the Fund Raisers and the Labor Day Picnics and the Town Halls, this becomes a Legitimate Question to ask and get on the Record. And one has to see their Voting Records on prior RKBA Legislation.  If they Hem and Hah and Deflect and Obsfucate, chances are they will NOT support any Pro-Gun Legislation.

But if the choice one has, like I do with my Congress Critters, between an Uber-Liberal and a Rino, there’s not much one can do.  And no, Third Parties don’t Work here in Ohio.  I’m stuck with what I have.  Trust me, I’ve seen too many Poll Results.

But Palmer should also come into play during the Presidential Primaries.  Look, whoever the Dems Nominate will NOT be Pro-Gun.  That’s a Given.  So, now it comes down to the Republitards.  Me, I’m Voting Pro-Gun, and hoping that a RINO Loser doesn’t make it to the Top.  Crossed Fingers.

Another Political Issue.  Do NOT be surprised if Legislation comes out in the Senate trying to Block Palmer and its Ramifications.  Harry Reid has the Votes TODAY to get something passed with the Nuclear Option, AND Obama will use THAT Vote as an Excuse to issue some kind of Executive Order. So that implies that the Republitards would have to win the Senate, do something next January in conjunction with the House, and try to Override a Presidential Veto of their Override of Harry’s Blockage.  And with all the RINOs in the Senate, and the current Republican Leadership keeping spewing stuff like “Reaching across the Aisle in a Spirit of Bipartzenship,” it would be Tough. So Be Prepared.

So that’s what I think.  To Recap, don’t expect much Help regarding Palmer from the Legislative and Executive Branches, and DO expect the Judicial Branch to move SLOWLY.  But I’m still Optimistic that Palmer might be what Churchill said about “this is not the Beginning of the End, but rather the End of the Beginning.”  We still have a Long Ways to Go, Friends.  But what do YOU Think?  Tell the rest of us.  Bubblehead Les Out.



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