“Christmas is Coming, How Happy we will be…”

Hello!  So yesterday, while getting ready for the N.E. Blogshoot this coming weekend, I was going through what a “VolksRepublik” calls an “Armory,” and I was thinking about Firearms that I wished I owned.  But, of course, all it takes is Time, Money and a Good Lawyer. And THE Wife’s Permission, of course.  But glancing at a Calendar, something hit me.  Five months from now is Christmas. DON’T PANIC!  And always carry a Towel. That led me to thinking about what I’d like to see show up under my Christmas Tree.

So that’s this Topic: What would YOU like Santa to bring you?  Doesn’t mean you are gonna get it, but if you could get anything “Gunnie” you wished to get, what would it be?  Money No Object, Anti-Gun Laws No Object, just what would you like?

I’ll start. I’d like Santa to bring me a Barrett M107A1, plus Ammo, Accessories and a Range close enough to shoot it with the Distance available to take advantage of it.  And the Cash to support it, of course.

So, What’s on Your Wish List?  Bubblehead Les out.


5 thoughts on ““Christmas is Coming, How Happy we will be…”

  1. Stretch

    A proper, unmodified, pre-WWI G98 to go with the bayonet my Grandfather Smith brought back from France in 1918.

  2. pignock

    A pre-lock Smith and Wesson model 63. Round butt, three inch barrel (but I’d settle for four). If Santa managed that, he could put four 50cal ammo cans of 22LR in my stocking.


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