Ammo Supply, Parte’ Deux

Hello!  Got to talking with a friend about my Post yesterday, and he brought up a couple of points.  Half Joking, he mentioned that .50 Browning is in the U.S. Inventory along with .22LR.  Let’s talk about that.

First, even though owning a Barrett is on my Bucket List, I figure if anyone who owns any kind of .50 BMG Firearm has enough cash to keep their Ammo Supply up to snuff.  But I do want them on MY side, of course.

As for .22LR, well… I don’t know.  I’ve heard every Reason/Excuse/Conspiracy Theory out there on why it’s in Short Supply, Rationed (when available) and Expensive.  But let me share this with you.

In my last Sunday Newspaper Ads, Dick’s Sporting Goods was advertising that they were selling 40 round Federal American Eagle boxes of .22LR for $2.49 a box, limit 2 boxes.  Wait a minute.  FOURTY ROUND BOX!?  Since when did the American Standard of FIFTY ROUND BOXES GET DOWNSIZED TO FOURTY ROUNDS?  A Brick is now 400 ROUNDS?  20% LESS?  WTF!?  And at $2.49 a box, that comes out to 6.22 Cents a Round, and I haven’t even included Sales Tax!

Okay, so for a while they were selling .22LR in 525 round Blocks, but I thought that was just a way to save on Packaging Costs.  But a FOURTY ROUND BOX?

Friends, I don’t know what to tell you about .22LR, or how you should Stock Up.  But I’m telling you what I’m doing.  I’m NOT buying any .22LR for a good long while.  I’ve got a couple thousand rounds I’ve bought over the years, and I’m saving it for Pest Control, Small Game Hunting, etc.  Taking it to the Range for Practice is no longer part of my Training Routine.  I’m just going straight to my Revolvers and 9mm and Long Guns for practice.  And I’m DEFINITELY NOT buying any more .22LR Firearms.  I can reload with what I have now, and that’s defray my Shooting Expenses.  So, Bye, Bye .22LR!  See you when you come back down to Earth.  But that’s me.

One other thing my buddy brought up was “Why 38/357?  Aren’t they kinda Obsolete?”  Well, I said, it depends.  I too though that the Revolver Days were over, with all the “Tupperware” Handguns out there in 9mm and .40S+W.  And the .45ACP Clan doesn’t seem to be dying off.  But I told him “What if you were stuck behind Enemy Lines in, let’s say, New York State or Kalifornia?”

I might have mentioned this before, but if so, it’s okay.  True Story Time.  My Nephew, the Navy EODTech, came home from a Tour of Afghanistan, and was shipped off to Southern California for a few years.  He took his Wife and Baby Son with him, and decided to live Off-Base.  But then he ran into the Kalifornia Penal Gun Laws.  He had to leave behind his AR and his H+K, because of Kali’s STOOOOPID “Ammo Capacity” Laws.  His Brother got the H+K, and I got the AR.  We came up with a “Kali Legal Alternative for his Home Defense Needs.”  An “Approved List” Smith .357 Revolver and a Rossi .357 Lever Gun.   We went with .357 because of the Logistics.  Either Firearm can use the same Ammo, plus he can Downsize to .38 Special if need be.  We rigged a Stock Pouch, and filled it with Speed Strips.  They go into the loading Gate MUCH faster than “Onesies at a Time off a Belt loop.”  So, we figured that should suffice in case the “SHTF” out there, and Trust Me, he’s HIGHLY QUALIFIED on any “Battlefield Pick-ups” he might run across until he gets back to his Unit.

Now some of you are doing the same thing, but you’re using the .44 Versions.  Different Strokes.  He went with the .357 Revolver because he keeps it loaded with 38s, so his Wife can use it while carrying the Baby.  Then he can reload it with the .357 if need be.  You might not have that problem.  However, it’s cheaper for him.  Baby Food is EXPENSIVE.

So let’s leave the Wasted Coast and cross country over to the Eaten Coast now.  Again, True Story Time.  A few Christmases ago, the Big Gun Store out here was running a Sale on Smith Snubbies.  Model 36s, all you wanted, $250.  Today, same store, $450.  I can get Gen 3 Glocks for that price two glass cases over.  So, again, WTF?

Well, since the VolksRepublik’s Political Elite went Insane with Glee over the Massacre of the Innocents at Newtown (and don’t tell me some of them weren’t looking to get their Wet Dream of a Total Gun Ban/Confiscation realized when those poor kids were slaughtered by that Nutjob!).  But they knew they couldn’t Ban “Hunting Weapons,” (YET!) so they went for the “Ammo Reduction” path instead.  Which meant 1911s, Revolvers and 5 shot Long Guns are Barely Legal.  All the rest are “Bad and EVIL!”  Okay, so the Ruger LCPs made the cut, along with other Pocket Pistols made by Kahr, Taurus,  but they did get to the point that a Legally Armed Citizen now has LESS Firepower on them than your Average Cop or Goblin.  In THOSE States, at least.  If fact, that was the Last Straw for Zercool.  He packed up and headed for Missouri.  And Wally of York Arms cancelled some LEO Contracts he had with New York.  Takes a lot of guts to turn down Tens of Thousands of Gooberment State Contract Dollars when one is small shop.  But it takes Guts to Fight for the RKBA, doesn’t it?

Which means that, once again Capitalism sprung forth, and the Law of Supply and Demand reared its Ugly Head.  No Glocks for me?  Fine, I’ll carry a Snubbie like my GrandDad did.  And what do most Modern Snub Nosed Revolvers use as a Caliber?  .38 Special.  Combine that with a Lever Gun and a Mossie “Duck Gun”, and Uh-Oh, New York, you just created an ANGRY Armed Clinger, er “Voter.”

So, what all this means is, that in those Dozen or so VolksRepubliks that are doing their Darndest to destroy the RKBA, the “Stop Gap” has come  to mean the lowly .38 Special is now a Viable Option to stock up on. And since it seems that the Distributers around here seem to have put Ohio in the same Region as New York, well we get Stuck with New York Pricing. And why older Colts, Smiths and Ruger Revolvers can bring you a Pretty Penny at the Gun Show nowadays. But I’m not selling any of mine.

I’m saving the Money that I would have spent on .22LR and putting into .38 Special and .357 Magnum Handguns and Ammo.  Not going Over Board, of course, but if a “Good Deal” come along, well….after all, who knows what might happen in the Future?  I mean, what if The Anointed One gets REALLY PARANOID about “The Clingers” and issues an Executive Order telling the BATFE to BAN ALL SEMI-AUTOS because they’re “Tools of the Terrorists!” or some such nonsense.   Don’t think it can’t happen?  Just look at the Executive Order Gun Bans from the Reagan/Bush Era.  They haven’t been cancelled by Clinton, Bush the Younger or Obama, have they?  So, maybe not as a PRIMARY Firearm, but I’d be looking hard at having a couple .38s and/or .357s around with Ammo, just in case.  It’s not like they’re going to Spoil, after all.  But what say you?  Bubblehead Les Out.


3 thoughts on “Ammo Supply, Parte’ Deux

  1. akjfm

    I’ve been using Federal .22 exclusively for the past 20 years and I have some old American Eagle, copper washed, that’s 40/box and 400 a brick. The price on the brick is $9. I mostly shot Federal Lightning that came 50/500 and was $10-$11 per brick. I was shooting Bullseye then and unmarried so I had built up a good reserve. The Lightning was for practice and rapid fire, slow fire I used Federal Ultra Match which was $11 for a box of 50. Worth the extra points.


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