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Hello!  In a couple of weeks, I’m heading up to the New England Blogshoot.  So, I’ve been checking my Ammo Supply, and I think I’d better do my Restocking now rather than wait until I get back.  So, I’ll be heading to My Buddy the Ammo Reloader’s place and get some “Plinking Grade” stuff, then head for the Ye Olde Gunne Shoppe to get some of the Calibers he might not have.  However, this week, “Something Happened” that might be affecting all of us.

Do to Tzar Vladimir Putin’s Thugocracy trying to bring the Ukraine back into Imperial Russia, The Anointed One’s Admin just put Sanctions on the Russian Defense Industry.  That includes Small Arms and Ammo Importation.  In other words, I expect that all the Russian 7.62x54R, 7.62×39 and the Rifles that use those Calibers to dry up soon.  And since I like my SKS, Uh-Oh.  Time to break out the Plastic!  Now, granted, there’s Eastern European stuff out there, but I suspect that those of you who roll with the ComBloc Weapons as your Primary Arms may have to retire them.  I don’t think it will get as bad as a couple of years ago, but I can see Russian Ammo being the New 22LR, i.e. Rare, Rationed and Expensive.

But there’s Good News.  I’m seeing “Slightly Shot” ARs hitting the Used Gun Racks up here by Cleveland going for $600.  Semi-Auto 9mm and 40 S+Ws are available and at a “Decent” Price.  And they can’t give away Bolt Actions and Shotguns.  Revolver Ammo is still Pricey, though, and .22LR is still High Cost and Rationed, Damn It!

But this leads me to another point.  I think, that in the year 2014, we all need the following calibers in our Stores, and the Firearms to shoot them.  5.56 NATO/.223 Remington, 9mm and 12 gauge.  I’m now considering these to be my MANDATORY Stock.  Why you ask? Simple.

These are the Calibers that the U.S. Military uses.  And if the Antis ever pass some sort of “Mexican Ammunition Ban on Military Calibers,”  this will enable one to feed any “Stray BattleField Pick-Ups” that the U.S. Military might “Lose.”

“Oh, Les, now you’re being Paranoid!  The U.S. Government won’t ever use Troops against its Citizens!”  Maybe not Today.  But if this Admin feels that its Agenda will be Dismantled after the Mid-Terms, well, who knows what a Trapped Rat will do?  So, just in case…besides, those Firearms and those Calibers are Cheaper than they were a couple of years ago.  For example.  In March 2013, My Buddy the Surplus Dealer was selling .223 for a Buck a Round and GETTING IT.  Today, I can buy it in Bulk for under $.40 a pop.  That’s a 60% drop.

Now, IMHO, it wouldn’t hurt to also stock up on 7.62 NATO/.308 Win., .40 S+W, .38 Special/.357 Magnum and 20 Gauge Shotgun.  The 7.62  is for a “Scoped Deer Rifle”; the .40 S+W because it never ran out AND a lot of LEOs use them; the .38Special/.357 Magnum for all the Snubbies and  K-Frames still out there (mostly for those Stuck Behind Enemy Lines in the VolksRepubliks with their “Ammo Capacity” restrictions, and they can be used in Lever Guns for the same reason); and 20 Gauge for those who need something a little lighter on the Shoulder.

But as for all the rest?  I’m looking at Availability and Restocking Issues in the year 2014, not a “My Caliber is BETTER than Yours” argument.  The days of getting MilSurp .30-06 in Bulk at the Gun Show are gone. .22LR availability is a Crime, and all the rest of them are not readily kept in Gooberment Inventory anymore.  And Lord knows what the Russian Situation is going to turn into.  So, if you want to carry your 1911 and use your Garand, go for it.  Just keep in mind, that restocking them in case of a  Future “Balloon Going Up” scenario will be HARD. Recall January 2013. But even if you HATE them, I’d stick an AR, a 9mm and a 12 Gauge Pump in the back of the Safe, “Just in Case.”  And LOTS of Ammo, Magazines, Cleaning Gear, LBEs/Vests and Spare Parts for them.  And don’t forget the Batteries!

But unlike most Political Hacks, I’m willing to Admit that I could be mistaken.  So What Say You?  Bubblehead Les Out.




7 thoughts on “Ammo Supply

  1. Murphy's Law

    Agreed. The only time that you can have too much ammo is if you’re trying to swim. It doesn’t go bad.
    That said, check your e-mail and get back to me or if you don’t have anything from me, e-mail me, please.

  2. RHT447

    All good points. What’s that old saying? “Opportunity on only knocks once.” That’s why I bought a 1600 rd case of standard mil spec 55gr 5.56 for 13.5 cents a round (delivered) back when I could. I would add, if at all possible get set up to reload at least a few calibers. 223/5.56, 9mm, 38 special and some others are all good choices. Comparatively cheap to run and many different components/brands to run them with. Run your reloads for as long as you can to keep your stash intact. If you shoot at a public range, and somebody else leaves their empty brass, pick it up. Even if you don’t use it to reload, you can use it for trade. In handguns (especially revolvers) keep costs down by running cast bullets. To really cut costs, learn to cast them yourself, using old clip-on lead tire weights. (Do your homework. Their are some styles of tire weights you DON’T want to use).

  3. Jim22

    I think a realistic evaluation of needs, current and future, would dictate that you keep at least ten times as much rifle ammunition as pistol ammo. The rifle is the most effective defense, offense, and hunting gun. Pistols are hard to hit with at any distance and always under powered. I would keep more shotgun ammunition than pistol. Maybe twice as much.

    If you have a couple of rifles evaluate which is your go-to gun and get lots of ammo for it. If you have, say, an AR-15 and a bolt gun you will need lots more fuel for the AR than the other.

    People are often enamored with pistols but I think they are last-ditch guns. If your rifle craps out it will be all you have. But it won’t be your first choice. Your rifle will be.

  4. SiGraybeard

    I’ve got to tell you this has been my philosophy for a while. My main calibers are .223, 9mm, .45ACP, 12 ga and 308. 45ACP is still pretty common. All of them seem to be around the same prices as before the 2013 panic. 9mm is still a bit more; I have some that was under $10/box (50) in 2012 or so, and I haven’t seen that yet. The others seem to have recovered. I’ve seen .223/5.56 at .35c/round and just under that, my last boxes of 100 Federal gray box in 2012 were that.

  5. Boat Guy

    I don’t bother reloading 5.56mm or 9mm; damn case mouths are too tiny. Don’t own any .40’s but happy that those bullets happen to fit 10mm. I can reload real rifles with .308 bullets for two different cases. Nice thing about wheelguns is I can load/shoot cast lead bullets.
    Still buying ammo when the price is “right” but been putting away components steadily.


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