Lost Opportunities

Hello.  Back to work.  As some of you know, this Weekend is the 45th. Anniversary of the First Moon Landing.  Now, something to think about.  The Human Race can be divided into Three Groups:  Those who Died or were Too Young or had their Gooberment Block all the coverage of the Landing (Red China, North Korea, etc); those who were Born after the Landings, so it’s just a History Lesson to them; and that one segment of the Human Race who got to watch it as it happened.  I’m part of that Segment, having been born in October 1958.  Now this is not going to be a Post about “Where were you when it happened.”  There’s Tons of Sites out there to go to if you want to share.  What I want to talk about is how the World has REGRESSED from the days of the Moon Landings.  Stick with me and you’ll see what I mean.

First, let’s set some Parameters.  I’m talking about the period from 1960 to Present.  Now, in that Time-Frame, there’s been a LOT of Progress, don’t get me wrong.  What we’re doing right now was a fantasy written in Science Fiction Stories, for example.  Long-Distance Communication was either by Radio, Telegraph, Telephone, Mail or take a Trip.  Our Medical Sciences have never been better.  Civil Rights are much better than in the days of Jim Crow 1960.  The Berlin Wall and the demise of Old-Style Communism in most of the World was a Good Thing, and so on.  But we’ve also LOST a lot of Good Things during this Time Frame.  Here are a few of them.

Back in 1960, the World’s Population was about 3 Billion.  Today, it’s 7 Billion.  Yet there’s probably about the same number of acres being Farmed and Ranched as in 1960.  Technology and Modern Transportation has made Food Production much better.  Yet, there’s only so much Land out there to Farm and Ranch, and only so many Fish in the Sea to eat.  If the Population keeps growing, WHEN do we reach the Tipping Point where Food Production is Maxed Out, and Global Famine erupts?  I think it could happen within the next 20 years, and when all those “Enlightened Progressive Socialist Gooberments” have to impose Food Rationing, well, Standby.  Heck, even in The Republic, have you noticed the Shrinking of the size of Food Containers, with the corresponding increase in prices?  Try to find a 16 ounce can of Corn for 50 cents.  They WERE available just 5 years ago.  Funny how the Gooberment DOESN’T put in Food and “Energy” Prices into Inflation Stats because “They are Too Volitile to Track”.  Really?  Funny thing. My local Grocery Chain keeps track of all my Purchases when I use my Discount Card.  The Gooberment can’t access that Data Base?  Really?  Or they can’t access how much Gasoline and Diesel is sold at a Pump through a Credit Card Reader?  Really?  Of course, if they DID, then they’d have to add those Factors into the Amount of Money that would go to Social Security Payments and other Pay Outs.  Funny, isn’t it?

Other Lost Opportunities.  The Space Program itself. In the space of 45 years, we went from putting Humans on the Moon to having to PAY Vladimir Putin, Tzar of all the Russias (including the Ukraine) for Taxi Service up to the International Space Station.  Supposedly, NASA is “Working On” a Manned Mars Mission under the orders of The Anointed One.  This replaced the Moon Mission they were “Working On” under the orders of Bush.  Believe it when you see it.

Another one.  I was watching a documentary a few days ago about the JFK Assassination.  They showed the Ad of the Gun Store in CHICAGO(!) where Oswald purchased his Carcano.  One thing that struck me is that in the same Ad, one could buy a M1 Garand or an M1 Carbine just by sending them a Check and waiting for the Postman to deliver it to your Front Door!  A Freaking Garand sent to you through the Mail!  Or a M1 Semi-Automatic Carbine with its EVIL 30 round “High Capacity Assault Magazines”! Try THAT nowadays.

Which also begs the Question: Where were all the Mass Shootings prior to the Texas Tower?  According to the Illogic used by Bloomberg and Watts and Japete and Ladd and others of those….”People,” there should have been Hundreds of Citizens killed every single day in the U.S., just because those “Evil Weapons of Mass Destruction” were in Private Hands.  So where are the records?  I haven’t found any, have you?

Another one.  In the 70’s I was on my High School Rifle Team.  Think about this.  High Schools had Teams that actually used Firearms in Sporting Activities.  And I’m not talking about some Rural School in “Fly-Over Country”.  I’m talking about a school that’s about 40 miles as the Crow Flies from Downtown Cleveland, and in a city that bordered Akron, Ohio.  Oh, and BTW, those were both Big Cities that had a LOT of Manufacturing Capabilities and Jobs, and had Twice the Population as they do now.  Less than 40 years ago, I was taking Firearms into and out of an American High School, that picked up the Tab for the Weapons, Ammo, etc.  Granted, we were a Small-Bore Squad, but the Principle is still the same.  Try that nowadays.

Another one.  Back in the 80’s, I was watching that “Live Aid” Concert to feed Starving Ethiopians.  BTW, most of that money was stolen by the Ethiopian Dictator and uses to buy Guns and Ammo for his Army to continue the Civil War.  Good Job, Geldorf!  Anyhow, one of the High Lights of the Show was Phil Collins doing a set at London’s Webley Stadium, getting on a Concorde, then coming to the States to play another Set, all within a few hours.  I thought that was cool, and was seriously wondering about spending the money and taking a trip to Europe, just so I could say that I went faster than the Speed of Sound.  Can’t do that anymore, unless one is in the Military or have Gooberment Permission, like James May of “Top Gear” fame got.  In fact, since 9/11, it actually takes LONGER to Fly due to all the TSA Bullshit one has to go through.  I have Home Video of my Dad taking my Grandmother onto to the plane at Cleveland Hopkins so she could go back home to Hungary in 1968.  Try to get onto the Tarmac w/o a Ticket or Pass nowadays.

So here’s the Question:  What OTHER “Lost Opportunities/Policies/ Practices/Privileges/Things” have we Lost since 1960 can you think of?  Granted, some things became Obsolete, like Cross-Country Passenger Rail Service (which I think could come back if the Gooberment would Privatize Amtrak).  And yes, Muscle Cars were UBER-COOL, but today’s cars are MUCH Safer to Drive and get Crashed into.  And yes, SOME of the Pollution Laws were good.  But this forcing the entire Country and Planet to “Kow-Tow” to the Treehugger Agenda smacks of a Pagan Religion being forced down our Throats.  Makes one wonder about the Separation of Church and State IMHO.

But you get the Idea.  So share with us what you know has been Lost since 1960 to Present.  Because I really believe that if one is trying to build a “Progressive Civilization,” shouldn’t there be Progress, not Regress?  I mean that I should have by now been able to take a Trip to Luna City if we were “Allowed” to move Forward.  Which also tells me that the Hypocrites of the so-called “Progressive Political Movement” are actually Barbarians in Disguise, trying to Destroy Civilization, and build some kind of Feudal System where only “THEIR ENLIGHTENED LEADERSHIP IS ALLOWED TO BE IN CHARGE, ALL FOR OUR OWN GOOD, OF COURSE!”  See what you come up with, and share it, okay?  Bubblehead Les Out.


5 thoughts on “Lost Opportunities

  1. Murphy's Law

    How about the right to hire, promote and fire whoever you like in YOUR business, or the right to rent YOUR house or apartment to whomever you choose? Seems like these days, the moment that you don’t give a member of the ever-expanding “minority” class first dibs, you’re gonna get sued by the government.

    1. bubbleheadles Post author

      Combine that with the following: A) The Uber-Liberals keep spouting that Illegal Aliens HAVE to come in because “They do the Jobs that Americans WON’T do.” B) This is in spite of the fact that Millions of those Workers are sitting on the Welfare Rolls, being paid NOT to Work those kind of Jobs. C) The Unemployment Rate amongst Military Veterans is TWICE the “Official Average”, so those Guys and Gals aren’t being Utilized. D) The “Official Average” is under-reported by at least 50%, because it doesn’t take into account those whose Unemployment Benefits ran out, nor those who are Lucky to get a Part-Time Job.

      Unlike the Modern Commies who are in Charge and keep wanting to “Redistribute the Wealth,” I believe we need to “Redistribute the Labor.” But in 2014, just try and take away the Free Cheese.

  2. Old NFO

    The drive to think out of the box and do things that have never been done… Regulations now quash any attempts at really stretching the envelope…

    1. bubbleheadles Post author

      Almost True. One can still move Forward in Science and Technology PROVIDED that one focuses on “Climate Change” and “Saving Mother Earth!” Or making New Apps for Social Media. But other than that….

  3. Glenn555

    In the early 60’s, I and some buddies rode our Schwins to school, with .410’s or 22’s across the handlebars.They were stacked in the corner by the blackboard until the end of class. Then off we’d go to hunt after school. 5th and 6th grades…………in Taxachusetts! The horror!


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