Life Happens…

Hello!  Sorry I’ve been away for a while, but Life Happens.  Anyway, this is going to be a Short One.

Question:  What do these Names have in common?  Breda, MomFallacy, pedium, Mrs. Doubletrouble, Mrs.Mopar(Cher), ChristinaLMT, ProudHillbilly, Amanda, Mrs.Sci-Fi, MomTHOT and THE Wife.

Answer:  A)  They are all Women. B) They all come from various backgrounds and have various Jobs, like Doctor, Computer Programmer, Office Manager, Reference Librarian, etc.  C) They can all shoot better than me, because I’ve Shot with them in the Real World.

Okay, so the last one is NOT a High Bar to Hurdle.  But the common thread is that NONE of them come even close to Owning and Using Firearms as a means to Compensate for the size of their Penises.  They don’t have any, because they are WOMEN WHO SHOOT GUNS!

You see, at Joe Huffman’s Blog, he does a “Markey’s Monday” post every week where he digs out some Lame Ass Snide Half-baked Worthless P.O.S. Anti-Gunner who thinks he and/or she is so cute and tries to impress the InterWeb with their Profound Wit by saying that all Men who like Shooting only do so to Compensate for their Tiny Penises.  At best, they are Half-right.

But these “All-So Knowing on how Progressive People are REALLY so much Smarter and Better than YOU, the Blood-Splattered Murderer who is a Slave of the NRA” seem to have gained Political Control in many areas.  These are the People who support Little Mickey Bloomburg’s “Every Mom wants her Kid Slaughtered because Disarmament is better than Protecting them from Goblins” Campaign.

These are the Enemies of the RKBA.  These are the People who would be happy to let YOU and YOUR Family be Slaughtered.  These are the People who think YOU are the Problem, instead of the Solution.

The Ladies I listed above?  They’re the Smart Ones.  They know the Score, and they aren’t going to be Disarmed because some Latte-Drinking Mid-Town Manhattanite thinks “Guns are Bad!” Trust me.  I’ve stood next to them on the Firing Line.  And every one of them has more Brains in their Trigger Fingers than that Multi-Billionaire Ex-Mayor  Egotistical Blowhard has in his whole Organization.

So, to all those “Penis-Size Fixated Idiots” out there, I remind you, it’s the Trigger Finger that Counts, Moron!  We’ll talk soon, I promise.  But Back to Life for now.  Bubblehead Les Out.


One thought on “Life Happens…

  1. oldnfo

    I would add Brigid, Tam, Roberta X, Proud Hillbilly, the FarmFam ladies, and I can think of a few others… Nancy (She of the flintlocks)… 🙂


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