Why Arizona is now my Favorite State.

Hello!  Sorry I was gone for so long.  Real Life can be a Bitch.  So, anyway, THE Wife made a High-Speed Run to New Jersey over the weekend to help send her Uncle Bob off.  No problems there.  I stayed home with our Dogs, and maintained “Condition Orange” on that Family.  Still quiet.  Hopefully, someone “Older and Wiser” knocked some sense into their heads.  But we shall see.

But yesterday, I received an Official Letter from the State of Arizona.  Guess what arrived?  My Arizona CHP!

“So what?” some may ask.  “What’s wrong with Ohio’s?”  Ahh.  Gather around, get a Cold One, Pop the Popcorn and Relax. This is going to take awhile.  But Trust Me, it’s worth it.  I’m going to do a “Compare and Contrast”. So be Patient, please.

Before I begin, I remind everyone that I am not a Lawyer, nor do I play one on TV.  As always, check with YOUR State Government for the Rules and Regs regarding Concealed Carry.  Also, I used the Handgunlaw.us for most of my Info. Thanks to them for the Good Work they do for the RKBA Movement.  Check it out.

First off, trying to get an Ohio CHP can be a real Pain.  Not as bad as the VolksRepubliks out there, but for a “Shall Issue” State, it’s way more complicated than necessary.  First, most of us have to take a Mandatory Shooting Class.  This can run from $100-$200, and usually takes a Weekend of YOUR TIME and MONEY and AMMO.  There are very few Exceptions, usually involving the Military and/or LEOS.  And it’s NOT a simple “Hunter Safety Class” or NRA “Basic Firearm Safety” class. Next, you have to stop and get some Photos, Passport-Type, to Ohio’s Specs. $10-15 more there.  Then you need to have your “Background Check Form” filled out.  This was the main Hold Up in my case.  You see, there’s a spot on the Form that say’s “List EVERY PLACE YOU HAVE LIVED SINCE THE AGE OF 18 TO PRESENT!?  And if there’s no room on the Form, use as much paper as Necessary.”  AND IT’S MANDATORY!

Folks, I spent my 18th Birthday at Great Lakes Navy Boot Camp.  Then I bounced around for 10 years doing Davy Jones Bidding.  When I got out, I wasn’t even IN Ohio.  Then I bounced around some more, from State to State and Job to Job throughout most of the 90’s.  Heck, you should see my IRS records!

Seriously, when one has a Contract Job for Three Months in Virginia, do you remember the Street Address of the Motel you were staying in 20 years ago?  Now, SUPPOSEDLY, the Ohio Attorney General insisted this be put in so as to “Make sure a CHP wasn’t given to a Suspected Felon in another State.”

Yeah, Pull the other one, it has Bells on it.

So, once you get THAT Straightened Out, then you have to get Fingers Printed, which can cost another $20-40.  Again, on your Time and Dime.  Then you take the whole package to your Local Sheriff’s Office, pay the fee (I think it’s running $60-70), and you wait several months.  And wait.  Oh, BTW, did you know that EACH Sheriff’s Office has the Final Say on WHEN they “Accept Applications,” which means you might have to set-up an appointment on THEIR time, and even if you pass everything, they can still Deny it?  Then YOU have to file an appeal.  Trust me, it got so bad in some Counties (CUYAHOGA, Home County of Anti-Gun Cleveland, I’m talking about YOU and your Sheriff who was Arrested for Corruption!), they had to pass an Amendment to the CCW Law allowing one to go to a Neighboring County to get the Paperwork turned in.

So let’s do some Math. $100-$200 for the Class, $10-15 for the Photos, $20-40 for the Prints, $60-70 for the CHP Fee, plus YOUR Gas, Time-Off from Work, Mileage, etc.  So we’re talking about $190-330 for something that’s “Shall Issue.” No wonder only about 3-5% of those Buckeyes who are eligible bother to get their Permit.  It’s as if the Politicians are AFRAID of Armed Citizens walking down the Street next to them in Columbus or something.

Just checked, it’s $67 for the Fee. And $50 for the Renewal.  And you used to have to Re-qual your Shooting Skills.  Thank Crom that’s gone.  And you have (currently) Reciprocity with 28 States.  One of which is Arizona.  That’s VERY Important.  It’s the Meat of this Discussion.

So let’s go over to the AZ CHP Laws.  First, they are a “Constitutional Carry” State, which means, if I lived in AZ, I can Conceal Carry w/o a “Permission Slip.”  It seems that some Politicians in that State DO understand the meaning of “Shall NOT be Infringed.”  But AZ ran into a Problem.  A lot of their Citizens have Homes in other States (“Snow Birds”), and they couldn’t Conceal Carry outside AZ because they didn’t have a CHP.  So, AZ decided to Issue one for those who needed a Permission Slip in other States.  But they also decided to Keep It Simple.  They opened it up to ALL U.S. Citizens and Legal Resident Aliens who were Legal to have a CHP ANYWHERE THEY LIVED!

Let me repeat this. ANY LEGAL U.S. CITIZEN OR LEGAL RESIDENT ALIEN! ANYWHERE THEY LIVE IN THE U.S.! THAT MEANS YOU! Think about it.  Live in NYC?  Apply to AZ.  Reside in Los Angeles?  Send in the Forms.  Got a Home with your Foreign-Born Wife who has her Green Card, yet hasn’t yet met the Time Requirements next to Barack’s in Chi-Town?  Turn on the Computer and start typing.

“Shall NOT be Infringed.”  What a Concept.

Now, unfortunately, this is NOT a “Get out of Jail Free” Card.  Whatever the Laws are regarding Concealed Carry in YOUR Home State are, AZ only MATCHES it.  It doesn’t override it, IF your State does have Reciprocity with AZ.  Now, from what I can figure out, there are 30 States that have Reciprocity with AZ, plus another 5-6 that will only recognize the AZ Permit if one is a Legal Citizen of the State of AZ, with a Street Address and everything else.  But that’s 2 more than Ohio with all its Rules and Regs.  And of course, it’s subject to change at any time due to your States Political Situation.  Keep that in mind.

Also, there are few States that Issue “Non-Resident Permits” anymore.  Most of them only handle U.S. Military Stationed in their States, or you have to be a Property Owner, or a Business Owner.  And of course, there are about 14 VolksRepubliks that won’t give their own Citizens a Permission Slip w/o forcing them to go to Court.  But say you live in NYC?  And your Firearms are Stored in a Free State, like Ohio?  Well, if one is taking a Trip across country, then one can hit their Storage Locker and pick up their Weapon and strap it on, provided they obey the State Laws they are passing through. Like Truck Drivers.  Or Contract workers. Or others.  Think about it.

So, what does it take to get the AZ Permit?  It’s easier than getting a New Ohio Drivers License! Seriously!   First, one goes Online and ask for the forms to be sent to you.  It’s at the AZ Dept. of Public Safety Website.  Or just Google it.  You’ll get there.  After you request the forms (make sure you put your Street Address in the “Comments Box”, or you get an eMail reminder).   Wait a few days. But while you’re waiting, study AZs Shooting Requirements.  Chances are, you already qualify.  Or, it could be something as simple as being an Honorably Discharged Vet.  But no matter, it is NOT a $100-$200 “Shooting Class.”  When the forms arrive,  you will have to get a set of Fingerprints done. But Az gives you the Cards.  My Buddy the Cop set me up, so mine were free.  Otherwise, whatever your Local P.D. Charges.

Then fill out the forms according to the Provided Checklist, which are basically a 4473, attached a copy of your Shooting Certificates or DD-214 or whatever, add in a $60 Money Order, package the whole thing up and mail it back. Then wait.

I sent mine off on 13 May.  My Permit arrived on 30 June.

“Uh, but wait a minute, Les!  Where’s the Photos for the I.D.?”  NONE NEEDED.  In fact, AZ made it ILLEGAL to have ANY Photos or Home Address or Phone Numbers, etc on their Permit.  Permit Number, Start Date, End Date, and a Basic Sex/Height/Weight/ Hair/Eye Color and THAT’S IT!  Az says they have all the Info THEY need from your forms and Fingerprints.  Anybody else wants more, they can contact them.  So, if you do have to show it, AZ says add your Driver’s License or Passport, etc.  Not their Job to I.D. you, I guess.  Oh, and all that Crap on where I lived from 18 on?  THEY DON’T CARE!  Guess they have enough Data on Me from the Fingerprints and my SSN I filled out on the Form.  Something about Databases and the Interweb, I reckon.

Nice to see a Government Agency TRUSTING a Citizen for a Change.

But here’s the Icing on the Cake.  In January 2014, the Ohio Attorney General, Former U.S. RINO Senator Mike DeWine signed a Reciprocity Agreement with AZ, giving “Full Faith and Credit” to the AZ CHP, and AZ did the same.  Which means, Ladies and Gentlemen, that having the AZ CHP in my Wallet gives me the EXACT SAME RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES AS THE OHIO CHP!!!!!  And not ONE DIME OF MY MONEY WENT INTO ANYONES POCKETS IN THE STATE OF OHIO!  Except for the Federal Post Office, of course.

So, for any Buckeyes out there, or those who “Shall Issue” States charge you an Arm and a Leg, here’s the Real World Cost.  Ohio: $200-300, plus lost time from Work and a Weekend Shooting Class, plus running around getting Stuff together.  Let’s say $400 total.  Arizona:  some Computer time, one trip for Fingerprints, then off to the Post Office.  Let’s say $100 Total.  Total Saved: $300.

So what can you do with $300 you didn’t spend on a Bloated Bureaucracy that seems not to understand the meaning of “Shall Issue?”

I bought a Used .38 Snub with mine, plus accessories.

Okay, you ask, but that’s Ohio, and I live in……  Okay, that’s fine.  But some of you remember when it was easy to get the Florida Out-of-State CHP?  Or the New Hampshire?  Guess what? Like I said earlier,  check out how many States do NOT issue “Non-Resident Permits”.  Most of them.  And those that do, there’s a lot of Restrictions.  So, if you tend to cross State Lines somewhat, like, oh let’s say you wanted to go to Texas on vacation to visit relatives with your Ohio CHP.  Guess what’s NOT Valid there?  Ohio, in spite of all the Hoops one has to Jump through.  Guess what IS Valid?  Arizona.  Get my Drift?  It never hurts to have as much Legal Protection in your pocket as possible when one is carrying a Concealed Firearm.  And 30 States takes care of most of my needs.

So check your States Rules and Regs, and see if getting the Arizona CHP is valid for you.  It sure was for me.  Which is why Arizona is now My Favorite State.  And it may be for YOU. Hope this helps.  Take Care All, Bubblehead Les Out.



3 thoughts on “Why Arizona is now my Favorite State.

    1. Glenn555

      Great post. I live in the peoples republic of taxachusetts. Not sure how this could effect hostages such as us………but will look into it thoroughly. BTW, what boats?
      Glenn,STS1/ss, 609b, 555, 595.

      1. bubbleheadles Post author

        Hey, sorry I haven’t got back to you. Life Happens, you know. Rode two Boomers as a Navet. John Marshall(SSBN611) and the U.S. Grant (SSBN 631).

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