Light Blogging

Hello.  Gonna be light Blogging for a few days.  Got word yesterday that my Wife’s Uncle Bob, our Family’s Last Living WW2 Vet is on his Death Bed.  So, we are prepping for a Road Trip into New Jersey.  Talk to you all in a few days.  Bubblehead Les Out.

UPDATE: Just got word Uncle Bob passed away a few hours ago.  But that’s okay.  I’m sure My Father-in-Law, Cliff Walsh is waiting at the Pearly Gates to meet his old High School Buddy, who just so happened to marry Cliff’s Sister Ginny after the War with a Cold One.  After all, they both left High School early to get into the War before it was over.  Cliff ended up in Italy, Bob went to the Pacific, and they both made it home in one piece.  That’s the kind of guys they were.


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