Storage solutions.

Hello!  Here’s something to think about.  And there’s no Right or Wrong answers.  In fact, I’m looking for input myself, so here’s the Question:  How should one store their Firearms in the Home?

You see, there’s two schools of thought:  Stash Guns and Safe Guns.  Both are Valid, and I’m sure there’s probably a combo out there for most of us, but in light of what my current situation regarding that Family on my street, I’ve been rethinking the Tactical Environment.

So here’s how I see it.  Back in the Yee Olde Days, Firearms were left around the home for easy access in case of need.  The .22 in the Barn, the Shotgun over the Mantle, the Snubbie in the Desk Drawer, you get the picture.  But as the U.S. became more “Urbanized,” and the need to handle Critters on the Farm became reduced (because there’s less  Family Farms out there),  Firearms started to be locked up.  Throw in some kids playing with Firearms because they weren’t taught properly, which led to a lot of Laws being passed that say “Unless the Firearm is being used, it MUST be locked up!”

Which didn’t mean a Damn Thing during the Newtown Massacre, did it?

So in the Pre-Collapse Times we now live in (Topic for another time), if one is a Lawful Gun Owner, there’s a Handgun on one’s body, that gets locked up in a Mini-Safe when one goes to Bed, and all the rest of the Firearms are in a Big Honking Safe.

But what if you need a Firearm NOW?

So, before we go further, let me clarify a point.  If the Law where you live tells you to keep them Locked Up, Obey the Law.  Trust me, I’ve stood before a Judge, explaining my Actions as to why I had to Shoot at my Home Invader.  Boy, the Questions the Defense Attorney for the Invader got to ask!  So ALWAYS Obey the Law, even if you know that it doesn’t follow the Constitution.  And have a Good Lawyer next to you.

Another point.  If you have Children that regularly occupy your Home, such as Grandkids, or you have your own Rugrats, keep them locked up. Uh, the Guns, not the Kids.  Also, if there are Teenagers coming and going, keep them locked up.  Do you KNOW Little Johnny’s Friend’s Friend whose coming over to play Halo?  Also, if you are one of those people who seem to not have sent the Kids on their way, even though they’re 30+, keep them locked up.  Also, if you have a Broken Family (Daughter has moved back home after her Divorce, for example), keep them locked up.

But here is the question:  What if you are Single or an Older Couple w/o KIds and Family and Strangers in the Home?  Do you keep some Stash Guns handy?  By that I mean a couple of Handguns in Desk Drawers, Night Stands, a 12 Gauge by the Back Door, an AR in the Bedroom Closet, etc.  Or does one just go with the Gun on the Body and the Safe?  Also, one has to take into account that one could have a Home Break-in while one is at work, and your Guns are now hitting the Streets for the Bad Guys to use.  And don’t forget, you might have a plumber come in to fix a Toilet, and do you KNOW him?  What if he decided that you had some Meds or Cash that he needed to support his Addiction?

But when one hears a lot of Shouting from Young Punks down the Street in the middle of the Night heading towards your Home, do you want to take the time to fiddle with a Combination, all the time waiting for the Police to arrive?

You see, there’s no Right or Wrong to this Question, IMHO.  But one needs to have a Home Defense Plan ready to go.  “If A, then B.  If not A, but K, then fall back to Z.”  Get the idea?  So help me out.  I know what I  am doing for my Plan, but it might not be the way to go about it.  So what say you?  Bubblehead Les Out.


2 thoughts on “Storage solutions.

  1. Wandering Neurons

    BJ’s sells a small safe that sits right beside my recliner chair. There’s another safe under the bed on my side. Both are electronic locks, take only a moment to open. Keeps the kids and grandkids safe when they come to visit, but keeps the stuff readily available.
    The big stuff has it’s own safe, but that’s long-term storage…


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