Living in Condition Orange.

Hello.  The reason I’ve haven’t posted for a week is this:  I am now LIVING in Condition Orange.

On the advice of my Police Friends and Lawyer, I cannot go into details of what happened, because, if I ever have to go to Court, these Blog Postings might be used against me.  OldNFO has some details, but since it is part of the Public Record in my town, I can share this.  I called the Police Department three times Monday/Tuesday last week, with multiple cars responding the last time.  This involved a Family that lives on my street.  The best way I can describe the event is this:  Clint Eastwood’s Movie “Gran Torino” is a Documentary.

Okay, so I didn’t break out a Garand, and went cruising up to a Gang House.  But during the last Police Call on Tuesday, I was looking at a half-dozen people, screaming and yelling and threatening me. And all I had was a Knife.  Thank the Lord the Police arrived in time to save me from my Stupidity. But I wasn’t expecting a riot on my Front Yard, either.

And that’s part of my Stupidity.  I left my Home without a Firearm, even though I was on my own Property.  Now granted, incidents like this are very rare, but the main part of this occurring was I wasn’t Dressed for Summer.  And when everything went Belly-Up, I wasn’t prepared.  But let’s see how we all can learn from my mistake, okay?

First off, the Climate where I live tends to have one dressed in Pants, Jackets and Coats 2/3rds of the year.  It’s EASY to Carry Concealed when one has the Covering Garments.  But Summer finally arrived, and I was dressed in T-Shirt and Shorts.  Now, when it’s 80+ degrees for days at a time, and a Polo Shirt and Slacks are considered “Dressy,”  wearing two shirts or a “Shoot Me First” vest tends to stick out. So an IWB or a Paddle or a Belt Holster can work sometimes, but Ankle carry or a Shoulder Rig doesn’t work for me in the Summer.

Another thing is, that I do a lot of Bending, Stooping, Climbing Ladders, etc.  I’m outside in my Yard or Garage a Lot, mowing, picking up the Dog Poop, working on some Home Reapair and Improvement Projects,etc, so “Exposure” is a real Problem.  When a Retired Cop neighbor (who has since moved away after his Stroke) gently reminded me that “My Fly was Undone, and he could see my old Smith 4043”, well, you get the drift.

“But Les, isn’t Ohio an Open Carry State?  Why not just go that Route?”  You are correct.  But up where I live, anyone who is Open Carrying will be Stopped by the Police faster than a Jack Rabbit.  Yes, there’s State Pre-emtion, and one will eventually be left alone.  But in the meantime, it scares the Good Neighbors, and leaves one with the Rep of being the Scary Old Man with a Gun.  Unlike those Idiots in Texas,  I live in the Real World, in a Democrat-Controlled Town, with a Democrat-Controlled County Government.  And we know how THEY feel about the RKBA.  And my Lawyer does expects to get paid, but I don’t plan on paying for his kids College fighting those Antis in Court.  So OC is not an Option for me where I live at this time.

“But you had a Knife!  Didn’t that help you?”  Well, since there were about 6-7 Screaming People, all of them Younger than me and in better shape, pulling out my Knife probably wouldn’t have worked, since I could tell a couple of them might be Carrying.  Besides, Hand-to-Hand is the last thing I want to do at my Age.  Look, I’m a 55-year old Fat Man with Bad Eyes and taking Blood Pressure Meds,  Do you really think I could stand a Chance against a Pack of Young Punks w/o a Firearm in my Hands?

But the main piece of Stupidity I had (besides going out into my Front Yard in the First Place before the Cops arrived) is that all my Handguns are FULL-SIZE Revolvers and Semi-Auto Pistols.  Except for an old Spanish Baby-Browning Copy in .25acp, which is only for Fun Shooting.  So a Full-Size Handgun is a Bitch to Conceal IN THE SUMMER.  Trust me, I’ve been down this road before, especially with what I do on a Daily Basis around my House.  So, I didn’t have any “Summer Apparel,” so to speak.

But I’ve resolved that Issue.  You see, in Ohio, we still have the Right to do Private Purchase of Firearms (NFA stuff excepted).  For those of you who are stuck in States where all Handgun Sales need to go through a Dealer and/or NICS, as long as I am buying/selling from one LEGAL Ohio Citizen to another, it’s just Haggling and Cash.

It’s called “Freedom” for any Antis out there, BTW.  Look it up.

So, I called a friend of mine, explained what happened and it turns out that he still had a .38 Snub he wanted to sell me a few months back.  Taurus 85 Ultralite if you’re interested. I’ve shot it, it’s okay, and it meets “Heath’s Law.”  So, after making sure my Home was Secured, and I had the appropriate Containers for Automobile Transport, I went to his Home and we made a Deal.  I then went to my local Gun Store (after properly securing said gun in my car), got a Pocket Holster, some Speed Strips, etc and came Home.

And it’s been Legally Carried on my Body, in my Right Front Shorts Pocket, since the Event. Except for those times I have to enter a “Gun Free Zone,” Showers, Sleep, etc., of course.

“But why a Five-Shot Revolver when there’s some many ______ Pistols out there for only_____ dollars, especially when you just said there were 6-7 People threatening you?”  Couple of reasons.  THE Wife is a good shot with Revolvers, not so much with Semis. She might have to use it some day.  Also, I got it CHEAP.   New Snub-Nosed Smiths are going for over $400 up here.  Give you some perspective, for $50 more, I could get a N.I.B. Glock 17 (3rd Gen) any day of the week from the local Gun Shops up here.  Now, that doesn’t mean I’m not looking at upgrading to a Pocket 9 or 40 down the road with a little more Ammo Capacity and a much faster reload, but right now, our Money is Tight. So, as a Stop-Gap, it’s working right now.

And that’s the Main Thing.  It’s ON my Body right this second, it WON’T scare the Good Neighbors when I legally Carry it Concealed, since I don’t have to worry about exposure, I know when to shoot, and more importantly, when NOT to Shoot.

But for the foreseeable future, at least in regard to that Family living on my Street, THE Wife and I have to be in Condition Orange.  And ready to go to Red.  I just don’t think they have the Brains to Drop It, as my local Police told me.  But we’ll continue this tomorrow, where I’ll discuss some other Home Security Measures I’ve taken, and explain “Heath’s Law”.  Oh, and feel free to Comment, I just won’t get to them until Tomorrow.  Bubblehead Les Out.


3 thoughts on “Living in Condition Orange.

  1. Old NFO

    Here’s hoping it gets straightened out before it has to go red… And good move on your part to pick up the snubbie… Kinda makes up for your earlier ‘mistake’

  2. ProudHillbilly

    But you ARE the scary old man with with a gun!

    Elastic waist band shorts/capris – no good for a holster.


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