Heath’s Law

Hello!  All quiet up here on the North Coast so far, but the local Temp is 91 Degrees, so I’m glad I’m not going to be in Cleveland the next few days.

Anyway, after re-reading what I posted yesterday, I came to the conclusion that my continued talking about Home Defense Strategies and Tactics, Situational Awareness, etc. would be “Beating a Dead Horse.”  Why?  Because Massad Ayoob has been covering those Topics since I was in High School, and he’s done an OUTSTANDING job of it.  So for all the New People out there, go to Mas, get his books as they pertain to your situation, and follow his advice.  I did when I had my Shooting back in 1983, and it saved my Butt, EVEN THOUGH I WAS THE GOOD GUY!  Trust me, Mas knows his stuff.  ‘Nuff said.

But I do want to talk about Heath’s Law.  First, the Backstory.  A couple of Christmas’s ago, OldNFO was able to come up for a Holiday Party that pedium was throwing.  So, a few of us locals came out, and Amanda and Heath showed.  (They kinda had to, since OldNFO was staying with them, you see).  So we’re gathered around, and like Gunnies tend to do, we started comparing what we were carrying.  OldNFO had just gotten a new Colt .380, and we were asking how much it set him back.  Whatever it was, Eyebrows were raised, and Heath made the comment (as best as I can remember) “That’s a lot of money to be giving the Police Evidence Room.” (Or words to that effect).  When asked to explain, Heath reminded us that if we ever have to use a Gun for Self-Defense, the Police will Confiscate it for Evidence, and it could take months, if ever before one got it back, even if we were the Good Guys.

So, that’s been in my head for the past few years.  And I’ve decided that this piece of Gunnie Wisdom from Heath needs to be passed along. Keeping it Simple, here is Heath’s Law: Never carry a Gun that you CAN’T afford to give to the Police.

Think about it.  There are some very fine Handguns out there that people carry for Self-Defense.  Top of the Line Wilsons, Sigs, H+Ks Nighthawks, STI, etc.  All Pricey, and not all readily available at your local Gun Store.  And if you start getting into the mid-Twentieth Century Smiths and Colts and WW2 1911s, those are getting rare and expensive.  Like Mortgage Payment Expensive or higher.  Do you really want to give them over to Barney Fife if you had a shooting?

Now, I am NOT saying that one shouldn’t buy the Firearms they want, not at all!  Trust me, I have my Grail Guns like a lot of you, and my Regret Guns (“Why did I EVER sell that!?”).  But when push comes to shove, and I NEEDED a Pocket gun, a Cheap Taurus that I’ve shot and know is reliable serves me better than trying to save up for a $600 Sig in .380.

Also, there’s a lot of Crap Guns out there that are relatively cheap. But just like you can defend yourself very well with a Wilson 1911, you can do the same with a Remington or Ruger 1911.  I’m not sure you can say that for the various Philippine Imports that are out there.  Your Handgun MUST be reliable.  And the same goes for 9mm “Tupperware”, Snubbies, Pocket .380s, etc.

I’m not going to get into a Flame War, but in my neck of the woods, in the $300-$600 range, I can get NEW Ruger, Taurus, Smith+Wesson, Springfield, and Glocks in various sizes and calibers all day, every day (until the next Gun Panic, that is).   And if I go the Used Gun route, it expands even farther.

Also, remember what a Firearm IS:  A device designed to launch a Bullet.  So, hypothetically, if I have to use a 124 grain JHP 9mm to stop a Goblin, does it matter whether it comes from a $1,200 H+K or a $400 Ruger?  It’s the Bullet that ends the Threat, remember?  But it’s the Gun that the Police will take away from you.

But this IS America, and you do have the Right “to Keep and BEAR Arms”, even if the Political Hacks can’t understand simple English.  So Obey the Law, and carry what you want Legally,  Just be willing to part with it when it’s Crunch Time.  Bubblehead Les Out.



5 thoughts on “Heath’s Law

  1. Old NFO

    Good point, but if you remember my rejoinder was that I needed a RELIABLE carry pistol that worked every time. That to me was less important than the $$ value of the particular carry pistol. Besides, most of the snubbies out there turn the wrong way and I can’t get the damn cylinder open… 😉

  2. heroditus huxley

    My carry piece is a CZ-82–around $275, should I need to replace it because it’s sitting in an evidence room. And dead accurate (better than I’m capable of, even though I’m capable enough).

    1. bubbleheadles Post author

      Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. Since you said you used a CZ-82, I’m assuming it uses Makarov Ammo, correct? Can you get JHP for it, and how much does it cost you? Inquiring Minds would like to know. ; )

      1. heroditus huxley

        I carry JHP in it–in both magazines (and carry both). Last I checked was about $0.88/round for the name brand defense round, but the Russian steel ammo manufacturers make it, too (but I don’t remember what I paid…and the price has gone up).

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