An Open Letter….

Hello.  I had something else I planned to write today, but events over the weekend changed my mind.  By now, you all heard about the Cops being Murdered in Canada and Las Vegas.  All reports seem to say that it was done by Nutjobs who had a Beef with Cops and felt that the Proper use of Firearms didn’t apply to THEM, that THEY were somehow “Special” when it came to the RKBA.  And THEY somehow thought that THEY had the “Right” to go out in Public and MURDER Cops, and other Innocent Bystanders.

Here’s my Open Letter to anyone out there who might have the same idea, that think “Yeah Man! Let’s Do This!”

Apologies in Advance for the Rough Language, but sometimes one does have to stoop to that Level to Communicate.

“Dear Murderous Scum.  You sicken me.  How DARE you claim that the Second Amendment gives you the Right to go Kill Cops?  How DARE you come into OUR Towns and Cities and Villages and Country and start Opening Fire?  You Miserable Pieces of Shit, Brave Men and Women DIED so that We, the Living can live in a Constitutional Republic, Free to Vote and Address our Representatives and Petition our Government and Peacefully Assemble in Protest.  You worthless Bottom-Feeders, do you know how much money and time and effort it takes to fight through the Courts so that you could still go to a Gun Store or Gun Show and buy a Weapon to carry out your Murders?  Do you mindless Toilet-Flushings realize that when you do such Barbarous Acts like Ambushing Cops, that all you are doing is giving the Political Enemies of the RKBA MORE Ammunition to try and pass Laws to DENY the RKBA?  Do you Selfish Bastards know how many Single Mothers and Battered Wives there are in those States who make it nearly Impossible to Arm themselves against Deranged Husbands and Boy Friends?  How many of them get wounded and maimed and KILLED because the “State” won’t “Allow” them to give the Tools for a Fighting Chance against Evil?  And how your Shooting just makes it worse for them?  Do you lousy rejects from a Garbage Bin know how many Elderly and Handicapped People are prey to the REAL Dangerous Thugs who would kill them for their Meds if they thought they could get away with it?  And the only reason they don’t is that these People live in States where Hard Fought Legal Battles were won to give these Seniors the Ability to Fight back?  Do you?  DO YOU?

Obviously not, or you wouldn’t even think of Starting this Shit in the First Place.  Well, Enough is Enough. You wanted a “Revolution?”  You got one.  Here’s MY Solution to YOU.  YOU ARE NOW MY ENEMY.  I SHOOT BACK.  Don’t worry about the Cops, or the SWAT Teams, or the Federales.  Worry about ME, The Armed Citizen.  There’s an old song from the ’80s called “Lunatic Fringe.”  Look up the Lyrics.  Study them.  And realize that the Song IS about YOU.  And the response to YOU IS about ME.  Cross my Path when I am Legally Armed and start some Shit, I WILL Fire Back. Legally. Count on it like the Sun rising in the East or Water being Wet. Unlike you, I know what the Legal Limits and Ramifications of what an Armed Civilian can and can’t do when Shooting at another Human in the Civilian World.  Because I HAVE pulled the Trigger on Scum like you before. And I’ll do it again, if I have to.  Don’t bother calling my Bluff, because I didn’t Bluff in Jan 1983 when I LEGALLY Shot my First Piece of Shit, and I sure can do it again in 2014.

And there’s a Hell of a Lot more of people like ME out there than are people like YOU.  People who use Firearms for DEFENSIVE USE ONLY against those who would hurt Us and our Friends and Family and Neighbors and those Innocents who happen to be near Us.  And I’m sure they’re getting just as Sick of Your Fucking Worthless Waste of Sperm and Eggs contaminating our Civilization.  So FEAR THEM also.  And unlike Cops, you don’t KNOW who we are, do you?  We could be the Guy behind the Counter, or the Mechanic in the Garage, or the Nurse at the Doctor’s Office, or the Old man waiting at the Bus Stop.  We don’t wear Uniforms.  And Our Guns are Concealed.  So if you think you are surrounded by Enemies, you just might be. Or not.  Want to play the Odds?

So, you have had your First and Last Warning.  Now crawl back into your Slime Pit and leave us alone.  Or if you want to go out in a “Blaze of Glory,” find an empty Field, pour Gasoline all over yourself and light a match. Just don’t burn down anything useful, Shit-for-Brains.  But leave the Guns and Politics out of it. Or Suffer the Consequences.  Your Enemy, One Armed Citizen, Bubblehead Les.”

Again, I apologize to those Good People out there for using Rude Language.  Bubblehead Les Out.

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