We now return to our regularly scheduled…

Hello!  So where was I?  Oh, yes, trying to spread some Helpful Hints to get a “Neutral Person” on our side, in spite to the ANIMUS displayed by the GOVERNMENT, ACADEMIA, the MEDIA and other Groups out there. Hmm, with so much “Hate” being generated towards those of us who support the RKBA, you think maybe the DOJ should form a “Task Force” to go after this Obvious Conspiracy to deprive of our Rights?  Maybe I’ll send Holder an eMail….

So anyway, moving on.  When I’m given the opportunity to answer “Why do you carry a Gun?”, and it’s someone who is legitimately curious, I tell them this: “It’s simple. I’m just increasing my odds of Staying Alive in case someone or some animal wants to hurt me or my family or friends or anyone Innocent near me, like you.”  Then I answer their next question, and the next one, and so on.

The “like you” is the Key. And I leave it to the very end.  What I’m doing is bringing them IN to the Discussion, and not be separated FROM the Discussion. I learned that Trick in some Communication Classes I had to take in College.  It usually works. You see, by making them start to realize that they are NOT exempt from the “Bad Guys”, that Random Acts Of Violence can occur to ANYONE, at ANY TIME, and I have not only a Plan, but the Tool needed to execute my Plan, i.e., “Staying Alive” during the RAOV, I’m attacking the “Idea” that “It Can’t Happen to ME!”  Once I can start to “Crack the Shell,”, then I can go on to all the Facts about Mass Shootings, and Police Response Times, and why 911 didn’t help me when I had to Shoot at my Home Invader, etc.  But the Key is to get them thinking.  Not “Feeling”.  Not using some piece of Propaganda that has been plugged into their Head by the Antis.  And I try to do so in a way that they can at least say “Huh! I’ve never thought about that in that way before.”

Now, it doesn’t mean than after five minutes over a cup of coffee, that they are going to become Life Members of the NRA and are going to rush to the nearest Gun Store and get a Glock. All I’m doing is the First Baby Step.  And I’m not lying when I talk to them.  I tell them the truth about Firearms, and what they can and can’t do, and their costs, and why they need Training and Practice, and the Various Laws, but not all at once.  Getting a “Neutral” over to our side is like planting a Vegetable Garden.  One doesn’t throw seeds on the ground and expect to be hit in the eye by a Cornstalk 2 seconds later, right?  So why expect a single Tweet to win their “Hearts and Minds?”

And of course, this tactic does NOT apply to those Anti-Gunners out there who think WE are the ones who need to be Shot, not the Bad Guys.  Those Asshats have already made up their Minds, and all the Talking and Logic and Reason and Common Sense and Facts don’t mean Diddly to THEM.  After all, according to their Moral Superiority, You and I are THE ENEMY, and need to be Destroyed!  For those people, I like Sayuncle’s Response: “Because Fuck You!”  But that’s for them.  But I know some of you out there like to mess with them for Entertainment Value.  Feel free to do so!  I’m too busy to play with them, but “Give ’em Hell for Me!”

So today’s question is this:  What do YOU say to an Honest Person who really wants to know why you carry a Gun? Your answer might work better than mine, so let me know in the Comments section.  Bubblehead Les Out.


3 thoughts on “We now return to our regularly scheduled…

  1. Old NFO

    I usually just say because I’m old and broke, and I want to be able to defend myself. Having lived in some rough neighborhoods in the military, I have examples. And if they want to go longer, I use either the fire extinguisher or insurance analogies…

    1. bubbleheadles Post author

      One I used to use, but it can be a little antagonistic, is I would say “Well, what time do you plan on having your Flat Tire?” When they asked what I meant, I’d say, “Well, we carry Spare Tires in our Cars JUST IN CASE we get a Flat. I carry a Gun JUST IN CASE I’m attacked. I don’t PLAN on being attacked today, but I carry one anyway. So do you plan on having a Flat today? If not, why do you take up Trunk Space and the extra weight of carrying a Spare Tire? Same Principle.” But I admit that response is a little mean, and I’m trying to use “Honey” instead of “Vinegar.” But it does still work well against the Antis, though.

  2. ProudHillbilly

    I suppose I should think more about that, although people rarely know I have a gun on me. My general answer has been “Because bad guys don’t make appointments.”


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