So now WE are “Enemies of the State?”

Hello!  Read some Breaking News happened yesterday that seems to have been barely reported, so I’m shifting the Topic around to address it.  First, take a look at the Title of my Blog.  Notice the word “Constitutional.”  This Blog is not only about Firearms, but things that I think need to be “Discussed” that might affect ALL of our Constitutional Rights.  One of those Rights is Free Speech.

Another definition first.  Animus: a Hostile Feeling or Attitude.  Keep that in mind.

So yesterday, the Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder held a news conference.  He declared that, due to the input of Federal Prosecutors (who, strangely enough, work for him), he decided that it was time to re-establish a “Domestic Terrorist Task Force.”  This was started when he was in the Hillary and Bill Clinton Administration after the Oklahoma City Bombing to go after all those “Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists” that were Threatening his Bosses.  Err, excuse me “The Country”.  And this “Task Force” was in place until the Sept.11th Islamic Terrorist Attacks occurred. Now, after those Attacks, Bush the Younger told the DOJ to quit going after “Domestic Terrorists” and focus on the Main Threat at that time to the Republic, Islamic Terrorists, specifically Al-Queda and the TALIBAN.  So the resources of the Federal Government stopped going after “Domestic Terrorists.”  Everyone with me so far? Good.

Now, let me make things EXCEEDINGLY CLEAR.  SO CLEAR EVEN A FEDERAL TASK FORCE CAN UNDERSTAND.  What I think the Government should have done with McVeigh and his Cronies was, after he was found Guilty, was NOT to be put to Death with the Needle.  They, IMHO, should have taken the whole pack of them, and CRUCIFIED them, just like the Romans did.  Then take their Corpses, burn them, and dump the remains into the nearest Sewage Treatment Plant with the rest of the Shit.  I do not care what their Motives were, nor the fact that some of them were Vets.  When you plan to Blow up a Building with a Day-Care Center and Babies inside it, Fuck You.  And I don’t care if we happened to agree on some of the Political Issues that surround us.  Baby-Murder is Baby-Murder, whether it was done at Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, Wounded Knee, Roseville…..

So I’m a little old fashioned. Sue me.

Fast forward to yesterday.  So what is going on in the Republic that the Obama Administration thinks it NEEDS to re-start this Task Force? According to the News Stories I’ve read, it’s because there’s a NEED to MONITOR all those Groups and Individuals who, through Social Media and other means (Freedom of Speech, Peaceable Assembly, Re-dress of Grievances, etc) that have shown a TENDENCY to Racial Hatred and ANIMUS to the Federal Government and its Policies.

An Animus to the Federal Government and its Policies.

First off, I’m not foolish enough to believe that there aren’t any Racist Groups out there like The Klan and The Aryan Nation and The New Black Panthers.  BTW, one doesn’t have to be WHITE to be a Racist, Mr. Holder, got it?  But if they haven’t been Infiltrated and Monitored by now, then someone needs to Fire all the Top Brass at the FBI.  After all, the FBI has been keeping Tabs on those groups for decades.  But ANIMUS to the Federal Government and its Policies?

What part of the Government?  Does this mean Mr. Holder, that if one  calls their Congress Critter to complain about the VA, that you are going after all the Veterans?  There’s only 20+ million of us, you know. Or how about those of us who know that you are doing SQUAT about all those States and Cities that are passing Legislation restricting the Second Amendment, even though those same Political Hacks are KNOWINGLY violating SCOTUS Rulings like McDonald and Heller?  Giving Civil Rights Violators (the RKBA IS a “Civil Right,” read the Heller Decision).  So does that means 5 million NRA Members need to be Monitored?  What about the Coal Miners who are Pissed that this Administration’s EPA Rules will cost them, the Truckers and the Coal Train CRews and the Power Plant Operators their Jobs?  Only another 500,000 people to watch, eh?  How about all those people who support the various Tea Partys out there?  There’s a couple of million or so.  Throw in the Libertarians while you’re at it.  Hell, keep it simple.  Every Political Party outside of the Democrats has shown SOME Animus towards this Administration, INCLUDING MEMBERS OF CONGRESS. So are you going to Monitor HALF THE POPULATION OF THE REPUBLIC?

Another thing, Mr. Holder.  This “Task Force” will need Personnel and Resources.  Where are you going to get them from?  Are you going to do NEW Hires, or are you going to pull off Personnel and Resources from those Agencies tasked with Monitoring International and Foreign Terrorists, like Al-Queda and THE TALIBAN?  There’s only so many “Live Bodies” available who have the Skill-sets and Equipment to do this “Monitoring”.  So what gets cut to feed this “Task Force?”

But the Big Question is this:  Why?  Well, I know that you could not have decided to set up this “Task Force” w/o first discussing this with your Boss, Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America.  He HAD to have approved this plan.  So why does BHO think he needs this?  What Secret Intel has crossed his desk that this “Task Force” needs to be set up?  Or is it just the Wolf taking off more of his Sheep’s Clothing?

Okay, I’m NOT putting on my Tin-Hat.  But there ARE some Facts.  And part of this Blog’s Mission is to deal with Facts, okay?  This Administration from it’s First days has Vowed to close Gitmo.  So, who’s left in Gitmo?  Either they are really a few people left who could be set free, but no country wants them, or they are the “Worst of the Worst” who should have been Shot by now.  Yet BHO and his Admin keep draaaagggging out Judgement Day for those BABY MURDERERS!

Also, why did the Barack Hussein Obama Administration turn over 5 of the Taliban’s Top Brass in exchange for One American Soldier?  Just last week, Obama said American Troops will be staying in Afghanistan until he gets them all out by Christmas 2016, just in time for his Great Victory Speech.  But does Obama think THE TALIBAN won’t be doing any Shooting and Bombing over the next two years?  Really?

AND the Administration just announce that they will be working with the new Palestinian “Unity Government” of Fatah and HAMAS to bring about “Peace with Israel.”  Hamas?  Really?  The same Hamas that’s on the Terrorist List issued by the State Dept? So are we going to be negotiating with the Hamas Terrorists , just like we negotiated with THE TALIBAN?  You know, Mr. Holder, that’s TWO Terrorist Groups your Dept. is supposed to be going after, not “Negotiating With.”

And let’s not talk about how this Administration has screwed up everything in the Middle East and North Africa and the Persian Gulf from the get-go.  “Arab Spring”, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood (Parent Group of Al-Aqueda, you know), letting IRAN get its way with Nukes, letting Turkey, Syria, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan turn to Shit, I could keep going.  But the Common Thread is this:  From this point on, it looks like this Administration is going to let Radical Islam get a pass to do whatever they want to.  Yes, I said PASS.  I just wish I knew why. But I do have a Suspician.  But since I don’t have the Facts to Prove it, I’ll save it for when we are having a Cold One in Private, okay?

So, Mr. Holder, I ask again, Why?  Why do YOU think that the Republic is under GREATER THREAT from DOMESTIC TERRORISTS than from RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS?  Why?  Are you Paranoid?  Or is this something your Boss, Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States thinks?  Inquiring Minds want to know.

One bright spot about this.  The ACLU is already Pissed and is doing their part to put the Kibosh on this.  But spread this around, would you all?  Without any ANIMUS, of course.  Bubblehead Les out.

3 thoughts on “So now WE are “Enemies of the State?”

  1. Grog

    Veterans, Intelligent Citizens, Believers in Rightful Liberty. We’ve been considered enemies of the state for over 20 years, it’s only over the last 7 years that the details of the statists have been revealed. It’s going to be an “interesting” summer, Les.

    1. bubbleheadles Post author

      What’s even more scary is I remember this Crap from 20 years ago, when the Clintonistas DIDN’T have the Internet and Social Media to Monitor. But if one posts something on Facebook or sends a Tweet THEY don’t like? Your right, it’s going to be an “Interesting Summer.” Take Care.

  2. Old NFO

    OF course we are… We’re the ones that have defended this country against all enemies, except that now they are the administration… And it scares them…


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