“Uh, is that a Gun on your Hip?”

Hello!  Hope everyone had a good weekend.  Had to deal with City Hall yesterday.  Amazing how much the Bureaucrats don’t want to do their Jobs, but it got resolved.  Nothing major, just Storm Lines and where they are in relation to my Home.  So let’s move on.

So, these series of Topics I am Blathering….uh, “Sharing with you all,” really has just one purpose.  I’m trying to help you out there who support the RKBA to have some “Discussion” facts to deal with the vast majority of Americans who, through Propaganda, Education, and Political Hijinks have been mislead into thinking that people like us are a bunch of Murdering Psychos looking to shoot up a Kindergarten. With Tiny Penises.

Oh, we can write Letters to the Editors, and call our Congress Critters, and go to Town Hall Meetings where the Political Hacks have already decided to strip away our Rights, like Colorado and New York, and Vote.  Those of us who have the money for Lawyers can also Sue, but that takes years, and just because the Supreme Court said so, doesn’t mean that the Losing Politicians will obey them.  Just look at Chicago, They’re STILL fighting McDonald and its Spin-Offs.

I think that for us to Win the Hearts and Minds of those of our Fellow Citizens, we need to “Lean over the Fence,”  have a Cup of Coffee with them, and if we are stopped in Public, be willing to address the concerns of the person who asks “Uh, is that a Gun on your Hip?”

And our side needs to be Factual, Polite and Willing to take the time to discuss this issue with them in a Calm and Rational manner.  One on one, with the FACTS on our side.  I think we shoot ourselves in the foot when a few of us, like Open Carry Texas, go strolling down Main Street America with LONG GUNS on their Backs.

Look, I understand those guys Philosophical Reasoning, and due to the way Laws are written in their State, that may be the only Legal Way to OC.  But it’s a post-9/11 World.  Turn on the news, and when one looks at the Troubled Regions around the Planet, such as the Ukraine, Syria, the rest of the Middle East, Africa, etc, what does the MSM show?  Armed Men with Long Guns.  In a War Zone.  Who AREN’T the U.S. Military.  Psychologically, those Images tells us “DANGER!  WE MIGHT BE KILLED BY THOSE GUYS!”  Even though it’s occurring half a world away, the effect on a lot of People is the same.  It’s not that long ago when our Caveman Ancestors learned that Armed Strangers approaching the Settlement meant a Fight could break out.  And those images and real-life events have been reinforced since the Dawn of Time.  Viking Raiders? Mongol Hordes?  The Klan?  Bosnia?  Get the Point? Good.

You know, Col. Cooper (PBUH!) developed the Color Code for a reason.  Every Good Shooting School, Police Academy and the Military now stress “Situational Awareness,” i.e., “Stay Alert for Threats and be prepared to respond appropriately.”  Most Americans in 2014 have no idea what to do when Danger Happens, so they go back to “Fight or Flight,”  with a healthy dose of Panic thrown in.  And OC’ing an M4 will trigger that response in a lot of people.

And to be frank, if I see a person in Civvies with a Long Gun come strolling down the Street, I’m looking for Cover and making my self ready for a Shoot Out.  Remember the Nutjobs I wrote about?  How do I KNOW that this guy is exercising his Constitutional Rights, or is on his way to Gun-Free Zone to do some Spree-Murdering?  And knowing how SOME Police Depts have a Policy of going “BANG!BANG!BANG! HALT!”, (NYPD, LAPD, Albuqueque and Cleveland PDs springs to mind)  do I want to be in the Cross-Fire?

Yet, since I live in an OC State, if I see someone with a Glock on their Hip going to the Grocery Store, I don’t Freak Out.  It happens even up here on the Northcoast.  Their manner and demeanor also helps.  If they’re pushing a Shopping Cart and looking at their Grocery List, I tend to relax.  Still Alert, but not Freaking.  That kind of behavior is what needs to be displayed if we are to win the Hearts and Minds of our fellow citizens.  Lord knows, we have a constant Uphill Battle dealing with the Antis as it is.  Let’s not aggravate things, okay?

So, next time, I’ll be blathering,,,,er, discussing over a few posts about Strategy and Tactics that we can use to further our Cause, And some of the things the Antis use to try to Shut us down.  Oh, and now that I have the Big Picture out of the way, let’s get to Commenting!  You know, I never claim to have ALL the Answers regarding the RKBA, so let’s learn from each other, okay? Bubblehead Les Out.



4 thoughts on ““Uh, is that a Gun on your Hip?”

  1. Boat Guy

    Still of some mixed feeligns about this but I think the best description I’ve seen thus far was at Langniappe’s – the essence of which is “These Tarrant County IDIOTS are to us as Westboro Baptist is to Christians”. I’ve circulated Caleb’s “10 Rules For Successful Open Carry” to some of the cognoscenti. It’s decidedly NOT a coincidence that Rules number 1 and 10 are “Don’t Be a Dick”.
    I’ve participated in successful Open Carry activism with VCDL and the important disctinction there was that we had a distinct purpose; the repeal of the “Restaurant Ban” for CHP holders. The Virginia law was stupid and was subsequently repealed.
    The Tarrant County folks just seem to be after “We can look like goofs and take our long guns anywhere we want!”. I understand that Texas has NO provision for OC’ing handguns but does for rifles and I don’t see Tarrant County OC’ers advancing the cause – whateveer “cause” they have. Do they want OC of handguns? Regardless of whateveer else they’re doing they’re violating Rules number 1 and 10 in addition to Rule 2. “Have a goal beyond ‘just open carrying'” and Rule 4 “Dress like a grown-up”.

    1. bubbleheadles Post author

      Boat Guy, I agree. But here’s the strange part about OCT. Texas says “No OC Handguns!” Got that. But if one is 21 and over, then one can get their CHP, after jumping through Hoops like most of the “Shall Issue” states, correct? And except for being at the Range or Hunting, it’s illegal for those UNDER 21 to have a Handgun at all, Concealed or Open, right? So, in effect, what we have is a small group of people between the ages of 18-21 who are whining about how they can’t carry a Handgun. And if they’re over 21, they don’t have to whine if they CC their Glocks with their Permit. Unlike Virginia, I don’t see a Major Issue like Restaurant Carry happening down there. So, if they were marching down the Streets of Manhattan, or fighting to get a CHP at ALL in San Fran or Chicago, it be one thing. Or if they were all stuck in wheelchairs due to being 19 and Handicapped, and someone was giving them Crap for having a Paratrooper M1 Carbine, then of course I’d support them. But it’s Pretty Damn Bad when the NRA comes out and says to “Knock it Off, you’re hurting the Cause!” And of course, the Antis have picked up the NRA Response via the AP, so now these Asshats have Tarred all of us. Way to go, Dicks.

  2. ProudHillbilly

    It doesn’t help, either, when, as the photo over at Murphy’s Law shows, there is a sense of carelessness in the disposition of the weapons. Having a carelessly set purse slide off the seat onto the floor with a clatter is one thing, but having an AR with the safety off slide off with a clatter is entirely different. I like guns and CC but the behavior of these guys makes me nervous.

    1. bubbleheadles Post author

      Yeah, those kind of guys just don’t make me feel Safe, you know? I mean, why are their Guns off their Bodies? Oh that’s right, it’s because they CAN’T SIT DOWN WITH THEM IN A BOOTH W/O BANGING INTO SOMETHING OR SOMEONE! THAT really helps to spread the Message, huh?


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