Coming down the Home Stretch…

Hello!  Time to talk about the last category: Psychos, Loonies, Terrorists and Nutjobs, and why they scare me when their Finger is on the Trigger.  Well, it is kinda obvious.  When a person decides to take up a Firearm and head out to rack up a Body Count, it’s hard to tell them from the Average Person on the Street.  How often do you see a Bag Lady pull out an AK and start spraying?  Or the Guy who smells bad and mumbles to himself walking down the sidewalk with a Glock?  I’m not finding them in the news stories.  It seems to be the Person Next Door that’s doing it.

But Mass School Murders, the Washington Navy Yard, Movie Theaters, Jodie Foster and Reagan, Son of Sam, the Texas Tower, this crap has been going on for years.  But it really seems to have accelerated lately, hasn’t it?  Seems to be something happening every couple of weeks in the Republic anymore.

Then we have Islamic Terrorism like Ft.Hood (and I don’t give a FUCK what the Obama Admin says, it was a Terrorist Attack, not an “Incident of Work Place Violence!”), or the Boston Marathon Bombing.  Recall, those Scumbags in Boston went looking for Cops to get Guns, because the VolksRepublik of Massachusetts makes it so hard to get Firearms. Just ask TJIC, Jay G. and W’eerdbeard.  And a Campus cop died whilst those Assholes were on their Spree for Allah.

But realistically, the Loonies and the Nutjobs don’t stand out.  But they do have relatively easy access to purchase Firearms, because of all the Privacy Laws attached to those Databases that the NICS Background Checks can’t access.  Combine that with the fact that many States don’t keep up their end of the NICS System to begin with, so it’s a wonder there aren’t more Firearms sold to the Insane in this country.  But even if they can’t Legally Purchase a Firearm , they find a way to get one.

Case in Point: The Chardon, Ohio School Shooting that took place down the road from me.  Some details:  A 17 year-old “Shall Be NameLess Young Punk” decided he was going to kill a bunch of people at a school because it was Fun.  Now, this Punk was already in a “Diversionary Program for Troubled Youth.”  In fact, he was waiting for the Bus to pick him up in the Morning to take him from his Home School of Chardon High to a Special School in, Willoughby Ohio.  This Punk stole a Ruger .22lr Pistol from his Grandfather, brought it to school, and started shooting.  3 Dead, several wounded.

FWIW, when he went to court, he got Life, but he while he was being Sentenced, he peeled off his Prison Top and displayed a T-Shirt with the words “Natural Born Killer” on it.  Unfortunately, the Supreme Court ruled several years ago that no one under the age of 18 can receive the Death Penalty.  They still can be tried as an Adult, but “No Needle for You!”,  NO MATTER HOW MANY INNOCENTS THEY KILL OR MAIM!

Of course, even when there is a good reason to notify the Authorities that someone needs to be checked out, it would help if said Authorities DID THEIR JOB and checked them out!  Right, Kalifornia?

But there is a Sliver of Hope.  I’ve read that during these “Mass Murders,” when SOMEONE with a Firearm arrives and confronts the Shooter, 80% of the time the Shooter blows their Brains out.

Which tells me that the First LEOs on the Scene needs to get their Asses INTO the Danger Zone and confront the Loonie, and NOT “Secure the Perimeter and wait for the SWAT Team.”  Right, Va. Tech?

And yes, every Anti-Gun Law that was passed was Broken in Newton, Boston, Columbine, So.Cal., Va. Tech, Ft.Hood, etc.  Ask yourself this:  If Criminals won’t obey the Gun Laws, WHICH IS WHY THEY ARE CRIMINALS, what makes one think that the Loonies will obey them?  After all, the Nutjob Really and Truly believes that what they are doing IS Right, even though we Know it is Wrong.  So how do you stop someone who isn’t thinking straight?

Oh, just a few final thoughts.  Terrorists are NOT Insane.  They do believe in what they are doing is the Right Thing, and WE are the Bad Guys who need to be punished.  And they are willing to die for their Beliefs.  Hard to fight Fanaticism.

And the Deadliest Terrorist Attack in the 21st. Century, the Sept.11th, 2001 Terror Strikes?  The Weapon of Choice was Plane Tickets and Blades.  Not a Single Firearm was used.  Keep that in mind.

So, why did I go through all this stuff about Firearms and Fear?  Well, it’s simple.  We need to acknowledge and address these points to others if we, who support the RKBA, want to keep it. You see, I believe we, the Pro-Gun Side is LOSING the Battle of the Hearts and Minds. Yes, I said LOSING. Sorta.  But that’s for the next Topic.  Bubblehead Les Out.


2 thoughts on “Coming down the Home Stretch…

  1. Coffeypot

    Here again I agree. As in the last shooting, the cops knew about the guy, had been called to his house but only talked to him. They did not go into his house or his room. I believe that if the shrinks and parents were tried and convicted for endangering the public by know their kid was nucking futs, some of this would change. Crying gun control will not change anything.

  2. oldnfo

    Good points, and the douchebag in Cali even admitted it… Too bad as CP says, they didn’t dig a bit deeper.


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