Moving ahead…

Hello!  Some House Cleaning before we start.  Some of you might wondering why I’m not responding to your comments.  It’s NOT that I don’t like them, far be it.  But I see this current topic taking a few more posts, and I’d like to respond when I reach the end.  So it’s not YOU, it’s ME, okay?  But if I didn’t know better, I’d swear some of you out there have cheated and read the last couple of pages….

Also, I do have a Life, controlled by THE Wife, and when she breaks out the Honey-Do Jar, well, she comes First.  Throw in a Doctor’s Appointment or two, a Crown for the Root Canal, some Old Biddy backing into my Car ($1300 to repair a Door!?), etc, plus I don’t get to use my Lunch Break on the Company Computer to write my Blog like a couple of my Friends do, so it’ll come out when I’m between Chores, err “Tasks” that need to be done.  Yeah, yeah, I know, “Want some Cheese with that Whine?”  But seriously, I’ll try to get to this more often, okay?

So on to the next Subset of People who by putting their Finger on the Trigger ends up Scaring People:  the Middle-aged Asshat.

Now, I’m sure this is not a new Phenomena, but I do read about this a LOT more often than even a decade ago.  These are the guys, usually between the ages of 30 to 60, who for some reason, do the Following. A), they come home, grab a Gun, Murder their Wife/Ex-Wife/Girlfriend and kids, then blow their Brains out.  Or B), do the same, EXCEPT they call the Cops and get in a Firefight to commit “Sucide by Cop.”  Unfortunately, some time the Neighbors and the Cops get killed by these Asshats before they are taken down. Or C), they hunt down their Exes/Wives/Girlfriends at their Workplace, and also take out some Innocent Bystanders, until the Cops arrive.

Now, these Asshats scare me, because unlike other groups, they could be ANYBODY. Race, Creed, Color, Religion, Economic Status, etc. The only thing they have in common tends to be Age, and the fact that they are Pissed Off to the point that they are willing to Murder their Whole Family and Bystanders and Cops.

I suspect that this is what some of the Young Punks have turned into as they got older, but I’m not a Shrink.  But it wouldn’t surprise me if they started off as Bullies, and never got Smacked Down for their behavior, either.  I just don’t know.

I do know this.  It’s become so common, that a couple of Legal Precedents have occurred to deal with this issue.  One:  Did you know, that in the State of Ohio (My State) that a Wife/Spouse who has been issued a Restraining Order by a local Judge due to Domestic Violence can leave the Court Room, go straight to the Sheriff’s Office with the paperwork, and can be issued a Temporary Concealed Handgun Permit ON THE SPOT?  She’ll still have to meet all the requirements down the road, and obey the Law regarding CHPs, but it does add some Teeth to those orders, provided she goes and gets a Handgun ASAP.  Details are in the Ohio Attorney General’s site about getting a CHP.  Look it up if you don’t believe me.

Of, course, all the Uber-Lib Feminists out there don’t pass that Knowledge on, because they tend to be Anti-Gun.  But if you have the same Law in your State, spread the word, okay?

Now Two).  A while back, a case made it up to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).  Some guy was appealing the fact that, under the NICS Background Check System, he was denied the right to Purchase a Firearm from a FFL Dealer because he had a Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Conviction against him in another state.  Here’s what SCOTUS said a couple of weeks ago: Tough Shit, 9-0.  That’s 9-0, from one of the most divided SCOTUS’s in our History.  No Guns For You!

Of course, he could always hit the Black Market and get one, and the Law never stopped a Murderer from Murdering, but in this case, a Boundary was set on the RKBA to try and keep Firearms out of the Hands of the Bad Guys, as proven in Court.  And I think it was appropriate.  But I’ve never liked Asshats who beat on Women and Kids, so Screw Them.  But I’ll save what I would do until the end of this Series, okay?

Next up: Psychos, Terrorists, Loonies and Fanatics, and why they Scare me.  Bubblehead Les Out.



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