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Hello!  Well, I hope everyone had a Safe Memorial Day Weekend.  For those who’ve commented on my Post about the day, I thank you. Hopefully, we can swing these “30% Off!” Holidays back to their Original Intent.  Baby steps, baby steps.

But it’s time to continue with our Discussion, on why Firearms are SO SCAAARY!  When I last touched on this, I admitted to you all that I find Firearms Scary.  Well, that’s not quite right.  I’m not scared of Firearms per se.  I know what they are, I know what they are designed to do, and I follow the Safety Rules when around them.  What scares me about them is not so much the Firearm, but the Hand that holds it.

So, as a lot of you know, Jay G. declared me the “BLNN” several years ago, for all the News Stories I was feeding into his Blog.  I’m a kinda News Junkie, especially when it comes to Firearms, Politicians acting like Dumbasses, Current Events, etc.  And I feed them on to friends as Blogfodder.  Whether or not they use them is up to them.  So, as part of my News Hunt, I’ve noticed a Dangerous Trend occurring the last few years.

Now, since the days of the English Highwaymen and Pirates, Firearms have been used to commit Crime. Murder, Robbery, Rape, you name it, and Firearms have been there.  But this has been going on for hundreds of years.  Armed Citizens and Law Enforcement have developed the use Firearms to stop those Criminals, but as long as there are Humans who desire to inflict Violence on others, the Tools used really don’t matter.  It’s the Criminal’s Intent that matters.

What I’m talking about concerns Three Subsets of the Criminal Element, that we really haven’t seen too much of over the centuries.  They are (in MY Definitions), the Young Punk, the Middle-aged Asshat, and the Psycho.  Today, I want to focus on the Young Punk.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the news about the “California Douchbag” (h/t to NJT!) who decided to throw a Temper Tantrum because he wasn’t getting any Sex.  Now this waste of space came from an Upper Elite Home, had all the Privileges of being part of the Hollywood Community, yet, he decided to take out his 23 year old Frustrations out on a neighborhood because he didn’t get what he wanted.  And then, he decided to post many Youtube Videos telling the whole Planet what he desired to do, then went out to MURDER.

But according to the Anti-Gun Political Propaganda Machine, somehow, even though every Law that THEY got enacted was violated,  somehow it was the Firearms fault, NOT THE FINGER ON THE TRIGGER.  It’s not the Gun, it’s the Trigger Finger.  Always, always, always.  FIREARMS ARE NOT ALIVE, THEY ARE TOOLS, PERIOD.

But, as usual, somehow how it’s the Guns Fault.

But rather than focus on this waste of space, let’s move on to another story.  Did you hear the one about the Young Punk who killed the Taxi Driver because he though he was being “Dissed?”  Happened last week.  Turns out a 16 year old kid called a Taxi.  Taxi Driver was a new guy, and he went by a route to the Punks home that said Punk thought he was being ripped off.  After all, one is charged by the mile.  Supposedly, the Punk kept telling him to take this Shortcut and That Shortcut, and the Taxi Driver just followed the main route.  When the Taxi pulled up to the Punks Residence, and turned to get the Fare, the Punk pulled a Handgun and shot him in the head, killing the Driver, then he went into the House, leaving the Cab parked right in front of the Residence.  Didn’t take long for the Police to arrive after being notified by the Cab Company, and of course the first place that gets checked out is the Stop.  They found the Punk hiding in the Attic.

16.  With a Handgun.  Killing a Taxi Driver because he didn’t get what he wanted.  In Violation of every Law that the Anti-Gunners enacted.

And there’s ton’s of stories like these two out there.  Some Young Punk was “Dissed.”  Or he’s a Gang Banger at 15, shooting other 15 year old Gang Bangers.  Or he was Bullied.  Or he wanted some Bling or Cash or Drugs or Shoes or a Girl or a Game or Whatever.  The common thread is this:  A Young Punk, between the ages of 13 and late Twenties wanted SOMETHING that HE thought was HIS because HE wanted it, and HE misused a Firearm to go for it. Doesn’t matter whether HE’s White, Black, Asian (Cho from Va. Tech., remember?) Rich, Poor, Eductated, Drop Out, etc.  HE wanted it, HE felt HE deserved it, and HE saw nothing wrong with Murdering People to get it.

Now, I’m old enough to remember the pre-Columbine era.  Teen-age Boys doing this kind of stuff was a Rare Event, at least according to the Media. What, Billy the Kid? and …..?  But I wouldn’t be surprised if it occurred a lot more often in the Ghettos.  It just wasn’t reported by those Racist Editors who drive the MSM.  After all, who cares what happens in “THOSE NEIGHBORHOODS” as long as it stayed out of “THEIR NEIGHBORHOOD”.  But even so, the Young Punk Murderers weren’t all that common.  I remember how SHOCKED the Republic was when those Wastes of Space murdered those kids at Columbine.  After all, this was a GOOD NEIGHBORHOOD.  THINGS LIKE THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN.

Well, they not only did happen,unfortunately somewhere, today a Young Punk will misuse a Firearm and kill someone to get what HE wants.  He may or may not get arrested.  But if he does get arrested, I’ll bet you a Dollar to a Doughnut that he will NOT be Charged and Convicted on any Federal Firearm Violations. Seems that the Obama Administration would have to put a large percentage of those Young Punks of a “Certain Ethnic Heritage” into the Federal Pens, and that would not help their Racist Cause in the Upcoming Elections, now would it?  It only seems to make the news when it happens in a “GOOD NEIGHBORHOOD”.  And, yes, if one “Group” as defined by the Government via the Census Race Categories get Special Privileges and Treatment by the Government just because said People are in that ‘Group”, then that Policy is Racist, no matter WHICH “Group” benefits.

IOW, as I’ve Posted before, it doesn’t matter WHAT HAND the Trigger Finger is attached to, it’s the Trigger Finger that causes the Firearm to work, not the existence of the Firearm.  So don’t try to throw the Race Card on me.  I don’t give a Damn abut who or what the Murderer is, they are Murderers and need to be Punished for their Crimes.  “End it in Rope,” as far as I’m concerned.  But I digress.

So, the fact that there is an enormous of rise of Young Punks in our Republic, who don’t give a DAMN about you or me or your Family and Friends SCARES me, because, unlike in my Youth, they are  Illegally Carrying, and they have no qualms about pulling the Trigger on YOU.

So now would be the time that I would Pontificate on My Solution, and we could have a nice First Amendment Constitutional Discussion on this Issue.  But I’m going to save what I would do until I talk about the next 2 Subsets.  But feel free to go for it.  Comment away, but if YOU start a Racist Rant about all those “______ Punks!”, I’ll stop you.  This is an Equal Opportunity Problem, and it’s the ATTITUDE attached to those Trigger Fingers that matters, not the Skin Color.  Let the Freedom of Speech Begin!  Bubblehead Les out.


3 thoughts on “Next up…

  1. Boat Guy

    The immediate solution for the “punk problem” is More Good Guys (and Gals) With Guns. The longer term solution is the reversal of the “coarsening” of American culture and values by celebrating the good folks (and there are LOTS of them of every age and description – you could cast one of the old Benettton commercials from your average Chik-Fil-A staff) and ignoring the “celebrities and elites” who are assaulting our culture. I am buying a copy of Greg Gutfelds recent book “Not Cool – the Hipster Elite and their War on You” for my 16 year old nephew. I might just buy a number of them and pass them out to any decent looking younger person I find.

  2. Coffeypot

    I read many post from blogging and Facebook friends about guns and shooting and stuff. I believe the fear of guns comes from ignorance. They only know what they read or hear on the MSM. Just like people who put down the Masons that have never joined… They have no idea.

    I do not own a hand gun – yet. Looking and considering, but I have in the past. And I have rifles and a shotgun. But I am not afraid of them. I know how they work, what they can do, have seen up close what they can do, and I know how they work. And none of them work without a human hand involved.

    As for your efforts, keep up the good work and spreading the word. Hopefully you will open some eyes.

  3. oldnfo

    Tools… Nothing more, nothing less. But THAT is not the issue, it’s the users… As Tam said, wouldn’t even make page 3 if it was Compton…


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