Time to Bite the Bullet.

Hello!  For those of you who don’t know me, my Nam de Blog is Bubblehead Les.  You may have read my comments over the past few years on some of your favorite Blogs.  Well, those comments have led me to actually meeting some of those Bloggers in Meatspace, and I’ve become good friends with a lot of them.  So good, that I’ve traveled hundreds of miles to participate with many of them at various events and gatherings.  But despite this, I’ve always resisted doing my own Blog.  One of the reasons is my lack of Modern Technical Computer Skills.  Another is the fact that I didn’t want to “Compete” with them for Readership.  And another is the fact that I didn’t want any Trolls and Psychos to “Back Track” me through my Blog to wreck Havoc on my Family and Friends.  But then a few weeks ago, “Something Changed”.

You see, I like Firearms.  I’m one of those guys who knows that the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is the Insurance Policy to try and keep as many of the Freedoms that the United States takes for granted.  Also, having been a victim of a Home Invasion, I KNOW just how long it takes for 911 to work, and if I wasn’t armed, the Police would have arrived too late.  One day I’ll post the details for you.

So I was able to go to the Annual NRA Meeting this past year.  And after a hard day of walking the Floor, checking out the Products available, I went to a BBQ on Friday, and meet some neww and old friends.  The New people, like Linoge and Moody were very “Excited” to meet me (why I don’t know), and they were saying “When are you getting your Blog up?”  I mumbled my Usual Excuses.  Some of my Old Friends just smiled and continued  with their Conversations.

I should have Suspected Something.

Saturday, pretty much a repeat, but the Party was at a Brew Pub in Tam and Roberta X’s neighborhood.  And there were a LOT of my Old Friends there.  So we are enjoying Adult Beverages, Good Food and Companionship, and somebody asked “Why don’t you have a Blog?”  I started to give my usual reasons, and Murph from Lagniappe’s Lair said (Paraphrasing)  “Enough of this crap!  I NO BALLS you to start a Blog!”

Now, those of you who have not served in the U.S. Military may wonder what that means. Think of “I Dare You!”  Think of “I Double-Dare You!”  Then multiply it by a Thousand.  Now, just because one is “No Ballsed” doesn’t mean you HAVE to do it, especially if it’s something REALLY STUPID, like Jumping out of an Airplane w/o a Chute, or Killing a Bus full of Nuns and Orphans.  But if it’s NOT that Level, well Honor demands that you take up the Challenge.

Then others of my So-Called Friends No Ballsed me.  After losing track at over 20, I told everyone there that I’d do it, IF THE WIFE ALLOWS ME.  You see, my Wife is a Computer Programmer with a Trillion Dollar Plus Insurance Company, and she KNOWS all the Crap that’s out there on the Net.  And the last thing she wants is that Crap sneaking into the Company Systems when she’s working from home.

So, I came home and informed the Wife what happened.  She thought for a few seconds, then said  “Well, let me know if we need to buy you a new Computer for the Blog.”

So here we are.  Now, the Ground Rules.  I get to Post whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like.  I will set up Comments, but I Reserve the Right to kick you off if you are Too Extreme or just being a Jerk.  I’ll try to keep this somewhat “Family Friendly,”  but if I chose to say that “You’re a ^^&^^*% Asshole,” well, My Blog, My Rules. Funny Thing about the First Amendment.  Yes, you have the Right to Freedom of Speech.  But guess what?  Under the NINTH Amendment, I have the Right to NOT Listen to You.  Look it up.  Links, Vids, Pictures, etc will take some time, because all this InterWeb Tech stuff is beyond me.  But I’ll eventually get there.  And I will still feed News Stories that might interest my Friends via the BLNN.  But don’t expect a constant stream of Free Ice Cream 24/7.  Believe it or not, I do have a Life.  For example, next week I have a crew coming in to replace my Garage Door, so I’ll be Busy.  In fact, THE Wife has just handed me a Task, so we’ll pick this up later.  So wherever you are, try and have a Nice Day.  Bubblehead Les Out.



35 thoughts on “Time to Bite the Bullet.

    1. bubbleheadles Post author

      Hey Keads! Thanks! See what happens when you put a bunch of Bloggers in a room with Adult Beverages? BTW, Keads was there when Murphy “No Ballsed” me that night. Take Care, my friend.

  1. .45ACP+P

    It appears that I have the distinction of having met you in meatspace PRIOR to blogspace. I think we met at “KidShoot” last year. Welcome to the bolgosphere! May you find a reason to post more often than I do.

  2. Wandering Neurons

    Congrats on the new digs. Needs some interior decorating, tho. But sounds like you’ve got some professional help there. IIRC, your help was at the “JayG Welcome Dinner” several months ago. Good Job. Y’all are leaving me fewer and fewer excuses…

  3. JPD

    Well, I just don’t know. I mean, NO free ice cream?????? What the H$LL is THAT!! I thought this was Amerika…..where we get everything for free. Does this Les guy not follow the news?? Listen to our illustrious leader, his highness, the most pure EMPEROR FOR LIFE, BARAKIE OBLAMA…….I am shocked.

  4. BobF

    29+ years USAF, married to the same woman since 1968, and _HE_ gets the wife that understands No Balls.
    Damn. Just damn.

  5. Oldvet

    Glad your starting this. Been 30 years since I was on a boat. Hard now to remember all the crap we hated, but the good times are flooding back just reading your attitude. Only the qualified can obtain that level of dry humor. I was fast attack with lots of periscope liberty. Did a west coast boat(680)and an east coast boat(590). It was the S girl(590) that made me give it up. Same class as thresher and scorpion. Only 5 made. Now if math serves me……. Oh never mind. So you on the conn or bcp? Either way I’ll try to refrain from a trim party and not upset things. Good luck and thank u sir.

      1. Oldvet

        BOOMERS! You mean that purdy blue and gold stuff? They just gave us black and said don’t come back. I heard they even let them boomers stop places and get off for sight seeing and such. (just poking)

    1. Roy

      I qualified in 1974 and was on both boomers & a fast attack. USS Theodore Roosevelt (SSBN600) – 1973-75 (qual boat), USS Flying Fish (SSN673) – 1976, USS James Monroe (SSBN622) – 1976-77, USS US Grant (SSBN631) – 1977-78, USS LY Spear (AS36) – 1978-79.

      I had the most fun doing the “Navy thing” while on the fast boat, but I saw more exotic places on my first boomer when we did a change of home port from Charleston to PH & Guam. My last command, the tender USS LY Spear, was essentially welded to the pier in Norfolk, but we did manage to get to sea one time in order to make a two week run to Ft. Lauderdale FL during the 1979 spring break.

      I think that as time goes by, we tend to forget the mundane aspects of life, but remember the really good and really bad times. My boomer patrols are a fog to me now. I was an ST & spent most of my time at sea either in the shack, in the rack, or tending to my many janitorial duties.

      It’s hard for me to believe I’ve been out for 35 years now.

      I am looking forward to the free ice cream.


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